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    When I saw this disclaimer back in June I did not know if it was fake but after looking at it, I hope it comes according to plan. I was stupid when I sold my Wii to my (back then girlfriend) back in July and one month later, she broke up with me so I lost all the good games. Now With this Wii-U coming out, I am waiting for a few releases of Virtual consoles to be released onto the Wii-U such as

    Paper Mario
    Mario Kart 64
    Pokemon Puzzle League
    Road Rash
    Super Mario RPG
    and a few more...

    If at least Paper Mario or Super Mario RPG get's released, then I will have a reason to get this new console because the new games coming out I really do not care right now. if there is potential evidence of some of these games coming out soon, please link them because I am still waiting for their word. I hope it comes around soon. It sucks how they die out old stuff for the new things in life where old games were actually fun and more interesting rather than this 5 mission games and your done crap -_-

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    I haven't paid close attention to the Wii U, mainly because my old Wii is used primarily for Virtual Console, and the VC thing on the Wii U seems like a gigantic leap backwards. Why they wouldn't just carry all that stuff forward is beyond me. I can understand the whole crappy online gaming thing when it comes to supporting games from consoles that are only one generation back and are harder to emulate, but Nintendo already had software emulation for the N64 and half a dozen other platforms working just fine on the old Wii. It's like they were just looking for a guinea pig.

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    That's what my old wii was used for because my 64 is not going to last much long I don't think. It is about 14 years old now. I got it when I was 5 years old and my first game was (I think) Super mario 64 but I barely knew the concept of the game. (My dad had to help me there) Now some of the old games are phasing out and they refuse to make sequals or even re-make them like they would not renew "Geno's" contract so they left him alone in Super Mario RPG Legend of the seven stars.

    They definitely work like that, that's how they make their money sadly. Some of the Virtual consoles on the Wii console are being de-listed. My favorite flying series R-type, all of the r-types have been de-listed and are no longer on the Nintendo Shop (for the Wii) and I had tons of them (Stupid-ass me for selling the damn thing) and a few more of other games are starting to go. I have a feeling they will not be there much longer because they want to kick out the old and in with the new but what they don't realize is some of the older games made more money than some of the new games. They would make so much money if they would carry the popular old generations and medium popular ones along with the new games with them on the Wii-U. That is beyond me as well considering that they are switching to HD gaming now and maybe they don't want to re-make some of the older generations. I feel pity on the Nintendo industry and some of the makers that helped them become so obstruct with some of the games they have made and decided to let die-out.

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    Yeah, I was particularly bummed when I went to download Donkey Kong Country (the original) and found it had been delisted. D'oh! Good thing my real SNES still works, but I hate having half a dozen boxes hooked up to my TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    ...but I hate having half a dozen boxes hooked up to my TV.
    Same here, poses a fire hazard. That's why I rather go wireless on most of the systems I have and the technology that is being made. Having so many wires copped into one is very dangerous and wireless is a better solution.

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    donkey kong had to be taken out because of a rights issue, but it looks like its coming back in Europe at least. it may not be ideal but theres no reason you cant download wii VC games into your wii U, just go into the store from the wii emulator.

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    I don't have a Wii anymore. I was stupid and sold it to an Ex-girlfriend of mine last year.

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