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Thread: Drunken Confessions

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    Default Drunken Confessions

    This last Friday, I may have got a little too drunk with friends, and apparently went into verbal diarrhea mode. For those that haven't seen someone do that or haven't done it themselves, that basically means that I was talking without a filter, saying whatever was on my mind, and answering questions without thinking first. So now, apparently everyone knows that I am at least a little into diapers. Oops.

    So far, the world hasn't ended, but I think that's mostly because most people don't know who I am. Regardless, I'm still a bit panicky, as I actually don't remember most of the night. Besides the general advice of not drinking that much again (I'm not planning to), does anyone have any good advice for damage control? Or has anyone else experienced something similar?

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    wow this post... refreshed my memory. Hmm.. The only thing you can do to prevent mishaps like this to happen is to control your alcohol intake. Know your limits. Because like you've mentioned

    I may have got a little too drunk with friends, and apparently went into verbal diarrhea mode.
    you can't control yourself when you're drunk. I couldn't say that I'm an expert in this cause I'm not, but I've gotten myself drunk recently and it was hella embarrassing.

    However, I do have another question about drunken confessions. Does your believe affects what you're gonna say when you're drunk? For me, that most recent case of me getting drunk my cousin tried to dig my deep dark secret(being abdl) out. However, i was able to reply a no. I believe that maybe being an abdl might be a sensitive issue hence stopping myself from telling it to her in my drunken state.

    How about you?

    My conclusion is drink moderately. I too will do the same, the hangover is not a joke

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    You were drunk did not know what you were talking about .
    When they tell you then wow watched a show CSI show about this guy in diapers that must be where that came from

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    If your friends were equally drunk they probably don't remember either. Consider that. Also consider they might not care if you have a secret hobby, they probably all do something unorthodox as well. As for patching up what might have been busted, I dunno if there's much you can do without risking more damage, like talking to your friends about it to see if they understand or can keep it a secret. Probably the only thing you can try is (and only if they bring it up) play it off, say you were drunk and could've said anything. Happens all the time.

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    I've been telling a few people that I'm a furry, none knew, so I explained... I'm pretty sure they either were cool with it or too drunk to remember later. Hehe.
    Fortunately I rarely get completely wasted, so I tend to have somewhat decent control over myself...Nobody believes me when I tell that though - not while being drunk at least.
    I've never told anyone about my Little side though... Or well, I might actually, not entirely sure about that. If so they've been some furry friends of mine and I've probably just said that my fursona is a cub at times and just left it at that... *Shrugs*

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    Unfortunately, they were not drunk enough to forget, because apparently my roommates are still discussing it among themselves. Also, for better or for worse I didn't actually say I was into diapers (as far as I remember), they just asked what was the kinkiest thing I had ever done and it happened to involve a diaper. I think I'm going to try to play it off as a one-time thing that isn't happening again, as I do say I will try almost anything once. Unfortunately, that was just among the things I said while drunk, as I apparently announced my thirst repetitively to the world and said I wanted to sleep with my roommate's boyfriend. So here's hoping they focus on that.

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    I told my friends while drunk too. They didn't care. I've always been weird. They helped me come to terms with my interest in the furry fandom a while back, too. They all have their quirks and oddities too anyway. That's why we're all friends - we're all strange and/or broken in some way.

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    One time I was pretty hammered off of Gin, Vodka and Beer at a Party and someone kept prodding but despite being half blacked out, he couldn't get me to say what my biggest secret was. Oddly enough, I have quite a lot of self control when I'm drunk. Everything is more clear when I'm drunk than sober.

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    Don't bring it up unless someone else does. Play up the one time thing angle. The damage has been done so you either spill all the beans or leave it at "this one time I met this girl/guy that was into some crazy sex stuff and yaddah yaddah yaddah I never thought I could run so fast terrified and naked". I had a "slip" once, my friends were looking over my shoulder as I was doing a search through the D:// drive on the computer. I was looking for the colon key long enough for everyone to get a look at everything I'd ever typed starting with a D into my computer. They never said anything (to me) and remained my friends for years after. Your fear is that they will look at you differently. Rightly founded fear...and they will. The question is, have you surrounded yourself with decent people?

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    It's amazing the leeway people will give over things you say when drunk, and as long as you've not said anything deeply hurtful to someone, a brief explanation of 'Oh I was exaggerating/joking/tried it once' in relation to diaper wearing (or any other issue) should suffice if any of your friends bring the matter up.

    If you were all drunk at the time, chances are that either nobody else will remember it, or the importance of your remark will be minimised by the fact that your friends probably shared personal things about themselves. It's almost a given on a group night out that a few people admit to a few things they wouldn't when sober.

    If any of them ask and you feel they're good and trustworthy friends, then you always have the option to try and explain your DL tendencies if it's something you'd like to get off your chest and share. However, if not, I can't see your late-night candidness causing you problems. It certainly wouldn't be the wildest confession I've been told during a drinking session, and there's probably a bunch of private confessions I've forgotten by the next morning!

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