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Thread: Tommorow ends the Journey of our Orange Suited Young Man!

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    Default Tommorow ends the Journey of our Orange Suited Young Man!

    Hello everyone, as some of you may know im a HUGE anime fan, and i decided to make this thread in memory because Tommorow (Monday November 10th) ends the Journey for our Blond haired Orange suited young man, Naruto!

    The last Naruto movie simply called " The Last: Naruto the Movie" will also come out somewhere during december.

    My guess is that the anime is ending somewhere during 2015, since its not too far behind.

    Tommorow will be a sad day for me and many Anime fans i think, ive seen many Youtube videos of people showing their feelings on it, and most of them are negative. How is this a sad day for people not watching or reading Naruto you ask? well, because one of the BIG 3 is ending, the big 3 contains of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, Naruto has been going for more than 15 years now! And since the Bleach creator said he is planning on ending Bleach in not too long also, we will only have One Piece left.

    I decided to make this thread to see if you guys had any thoughts on it, how you feel about it, i bet there are alot of anime fans on this site. What are your feelings? personally, this will be a sad day for me.

    And i hope this goes without saying but. [NO SPOILERS]

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    Actually, the Manga just ended last week with chapter 700. Pretty good if you ask me. I was thinking Bleach would end before Naruto but was pleasantly surprised.

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    Sorry, misread part of your post.. I missed where you said the Anime might end sometime in 2015.. my bad...

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    I liked the ending. As Naruto dragged on, I got sick of it because of all the flashbacks; and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't run into any in that last fight.

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    It sure has been a fun run though, but yeah, i agree with all those flashbacks, and the fillers are annoying too. Also how they put in commedy on some serious parts that really should just be without it.

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