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Thread: ABDL Clothing... Men's size or for Sissy's only.

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    Angry ABDL Clothing... Men's size or for Sissy's only.

    So i'm an ABDL Girl. Five foot eight and wear women's medium to large... Hips have been a curse all my life. If I could weigh less than a hundred pounds again I would . When i'm on the auction sites or searching for clothing in my size, they always make the stuff I want to fit men. I would love to wear the type of clothing that babies have in stores like target or babies r us. I understand that as a female it's a little bit easier for us to buy dresses but they look NOTHING like the cute stuff I can buy for my nieces. Also it feels as if I have to pay 4x as much to get an outfit that I like than other ABDL's or that is cute but made for sissy's. I feel as though women in this community are undermined by the Sissy community and get shoved under the rug when it comes to clothing. We have pictures out there and there are plenty of websites that show off women in our diapers. Where on earth do we get our clothing? Custom ordering is expensive and we go on ebay or etsy to save money.... But others just jack up the price on me or outbid me. I suppose my post has become more of a complaint but I'm wondering if there are others out there that feel the way I do? AND NO I CANNOT SEW and Crocheting= disaster.

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    Littlekorker, I do not see this as a complaint at all, but more of an observation than even a vent. And you are correct, finding the cute items to fit us is a hard job. I am a 200 pound, 6 feet tall male and I love the dresses of about a 4- 6 or7 year old girl, perhaps even venturing into Lolita for that general age group. All I have found so far is custom made clothing, generally starting at about $250 or so, and I cannot afford to pay that much, so, in reality, I just dream about those pretty play dresses, dress-up dresses, and the frilly, lacy dresses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlekorkor View Post
    I suppose my post has become more of a complaint but I'm wondering if there are others out there that feel the way I do?
    You're not alone...I've seen this brought up before actually.

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    I am 6'6" tall and weigh 250 pounds and it's a nightmare to find anything that is not custom made and be affordable. I find it ironic that it's possible to be to small to find cute AB/DL clothing actually. Of course i don't doubt it and I feel for you littlekorker. It's just that it never occurred to me that this could be a problem and I never thought about it before. It makes me feel bad that I did not think of issues like this before actually.

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    While it's a bit pricey sometimes, try looking into some lolita dresses. They're adorable :3

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    They are indeed. I think that just about anyone who wants to be a bit, but not very, much older should research Lolita clothing. If young girls, juniors or petites will fit, you can find lots of off the rack clothing that will fit the Lolita style.
    I think If you want to be a sissy, or just a LG (Little Girl), then Lolita just might be the way for you, but if you go Lolita, please note that true Lolita has more or less, a dress code all it's own. but WOW! If you pull it off, male or female in Lolita clothing, then by all means do it. Sadly for lots, me included, being able to successfully dress as Lolita may not be possible.

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    I never thought about looking at the Lolita clothing. I'll will have to try! I could not pull off being a lolita though. I want to lose more weight to be a smaller baby but it's just too much work for Lolita. As for ABDL I've been going for the look you see babies wearing today but at the same time I can wear out in public. Probably something a 2 or 3 year old would wear. Hot Topic has helped in this area a little bit but if I ever learn to sew, I'm definitely planning on learning to do my own outfits and sharing some. ABDL's come in all shapes and all sizes! New campaign lol. I do wish there was a factory that mass produced clothing in this style for us so that it would be cheaper. Thank you all for your thoughts on this topic.

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    Some ebay sellers make it in your size some of the baby dresses binke an bows for one.
    If it is not your size some times you can message they will do that for you.
    some very nice.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well babys are wearing scaled down adult clothing with just cartoon stuff on it.
    The cute stuff of my day are gone.
    Onesees are some times cute sayings.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The eBay search is adult baby
    Adult baby sissy
    Any thing you put adult baby in front of .

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    Custom clothing is about the way to go, especially for smaller peoples. d:

    I got into sewing and making my own clothing on my boyfriend's behest, so like, I can actually just make clothing that fits without hiring someone else to size me. It can be a pain in the tush being so small, but it has it's positives as well~ Binky 'n' Bows has always looked like pretty good quality. I've looked at quite a few of their dresses in the past and found them cute, but custom orders are a tad bit pricey.

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    I would give the Lolita makers a try ( for example. I am the other end of the scale to you and they have made me several dresses and they are perfect. Click image for larger version. 

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