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Thread: Does anyone have a birthday for your little side?

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    Default Does anyone have a birthday for your little side?

    My SO and I have birthdays for our little sides that are separate than our real birthdays. Does anyone else have this, and what kinds of fun activities would you like best on yours? My LG's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks!

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    While I don't have a separate birthday (or a distinct little side as such), I highly recommend noisemakers that you blow through and copious amounts of stickers and glitter for all decorations.

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    I've considered using the birthday given to my little on abmud. Lol, I can't remember what day it is tho, I think it's in august.

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    You got to have a smash cake. I did this for my 1-year old niece.

    As for me, well, same birthday 6/28/95 as always as ever.

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    That's a really nice idea. ^^ I'll try remember that if I ever meet a special someone comfortable with that stuff.

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    Same as my real birthday, just in months. So my little side is 25 months old. ;)

    One tradition I always keep and think that it's very nice for our little sides is simply decorating things with anything you like. The more colourful it is, all the better. This also goes for a cake, although I do this kind of unintentionally for any birthday cake already, since it's something special and so the cake should be too.
    Glitter as already mentioned by ArchieRoni is great if you like it.

    As anyway keeping things relaxed. On my birthday it would be bad if I'd end up with a lot of stress or forcing myself to do something specific even though I'm not exactly in the mood for it. I think a bit of preliminary planning with a lot of improvising works well.

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    Funny, i suggested to my wife today that I have a "little" birthday. I got the idea when I was watching the Baby First channel. It's 293 on Direct TV. They have a whole set of "baby" paper plates, hats and other things. It struck me as fun thought I think it struck my wife as weird. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daLira View Post
    Same as my real birthday, just in months. So my little side is 25 months old.
    I kinda like the idea of subtracting the lower digit from the higher digit and celebrating that birthday.

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    This is a really cute conversation, thanks for all your thoughts on it! I like dalira and archi's ideas on the ages to celebrate, very cute! I think we've just been basically celebrating some random birthday with no age distinguished. It's just like a "today's my special day" day. I do like the idea of cake and a couple of presents (AB things of course!) I don't know if my clean little girl would go for a 'smash cake' - if that's what I think it is! (Cake all over your face and hands?) LG's are too classy for that I think... at least mine is.... But she'll get some cupcakes!! And like dalira said, a stress-free day as much as we can make it.

    Too bad your wife won't play along dogboy, oh well! At least she is pretty cool with your little side even though it's not her personal thing. That's always nice when it happens to one of us.

    A lot of you all use your real birthday as a marker or as a day to celebrate your little side as well as your adult side. That's cool, too! I think our reasoning behind little birthdays was because our little sides were sometimes repressed (the old binge and purge) and so we have these special days to celebrate that we won't be binging and purging any longer... our little sides won't be ignored or repressed again. But they will certainly be only out in moderation of course.

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