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    These days the one in three women with some form of incontinence have a large choice of products to use, available from many supermarkets and pharmacies. Tena, Depend, shops own brand pads and pants are fairly common, but what did women do years ago before these products were so easily available. I know some would have used disposable sanitary towels, but what about before they were available? Does anyone have any experience with this or links to other websites?

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    Largely stayed at home I think, in a lot of cases... that was the unfortunate reality of incontinence in earlier eras.

    There were adult rubber pants before there were disposable products, so women could have worn those with towelling nappies/pads to cope with incontinence issues outside the home. They wouldn't have been very discreet, but there weren't a lot of alternatives.

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    Both my Granmother and my mother were incontinent in old age and back then there was little help for them. My mother used to wear some kind of pads which often leaked. What my granmother wore I don't know. All I do know is she wet the bed every night and her sheets were on the line every day so I gues she didn't wear nappies or pads etc.

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    Rubber pants have been around since at least the 1920s. They were molded from natural rubber with small leg and waist openings that stretched to fit.

    One of my grandmothers was very sympathetic about my teenaged bedwetting. She told me that she wet the bed as a teenager, and wore real rubber pants. She also wore them for minor daytime incontinence after she had children. She said the rubber pants were horribly hot and sticky. She wore a heavy flannel panty to keep it from sticking to her skin, and a baby diaper at night for a soaker.

    She said that her mother wore an oiled woolen cover for her incontinence, and thought that the rubber pant was the greatest thing ever invented.

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