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Thread: Wearing Diapers Distracting you from logic-oriented tasks?

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    Default Wearing Diapers Distracting you from logic-oriented tasks?

    I've been wearing diapers for a couple decades now. At the beginning, I remember having the "excitement/sexual high" that others describe on the first few it is more of a comfort/relaxation thing as others also have experienced.

    In any case, I have this weird dynamic that still goes on with wearing -- especially if I have one on when I really need to focus my mental capacities. What happens is if I'm trying to do something brain-intensive like write and article or paper for school or really deeply read a book -- AND I'm also wearing a diaper, I find that I'm profoundly distractible. I just can't keep my mind focused on the task. It's not like I'm thinking about the diaper constantly (it is part of what's on my mind some of the time) but my mind will just bounce around to all kinds of stuff a ton (eg my to do list, Facebook, blogs, games, texting, etc. )

    On the other hand, if I'm not wearing and trying to accomplish such logic intensive stuff -- I find that I'm able to stay on task and focus far more easily.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Default Wearing Diapers Distracting you from logic-oriented tasks?

    My wife won't let me drive in diapers. Not so much because I'd be distracted, but because babies don't drive

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    I'm the same way when I wear. Especially with video games, I tend to tilt if I'm wearing. The only time I'm actually on-task while wearing is when I'm writing music; in that case, I'm actually more on-task.

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    Not really, no. I mean, if I the sexual element is involved then that's pretty distracting, but once that's taken care of, I don't find myself distracted. I'll read in diapers and I've written reports and other work documents from home while wearing.

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    It sounds more like a sensory integration thing than anything else. Do you also find yourself distractable when wearing heavy clothes?

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    I agree. I don't get to wear often, so when I do I get really immersed in it and find it hard not to be distracted.

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    At one time this was a problem for me. It was a sexual/sensual distraction. Over time (or maybe with age), I got less distracted to the point where it's something I can have fun with or go about my business as if nothing is really different.

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    I tend to get distracted if I'm having trouble relaxing my bladder, but once I get that down I usually focus just fine. Pretty much, I'm distracted until I get in the zone

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    For me it sort of depends on the condition of the diaper. The closer the diaper becomes to capacity the more distracted I am. Typically it happens when processing a large photo job, ( I do photography as a side job) part of I think is what I'm doing is rather mundane and boring, but still requires me being focused and paying attention to detail, and I am easily distracted. (It is part of the phtographic process i reall don't care for.) Worying about a diaper that might leak doesn't help. I can't say that I have ever been diapered while printing in the darkroom, something I love to do. I should try it and see if I am distracted by the diaper.

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    For me, diapers are mainly a sexual release, and so yes, they do tend to distract me from other things when I'm wearing them. When I was in college, I went through a period of self-discovery during which I often wore Pampers to class. It was quite distracting, both because of the arousal and also because of the cloud of Pampers scent that surrounded me. I was paranoid, and tended to sit as far from other people as I could. Eventually, I decided that it was in the best interest of both my academic and my social reputation to stop wearing in public. I mostly hung out with nerdy engineering students who'd have been too shy to even mention that they'd seen Pampers poking out of my pants, but why risk it?

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