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Thread: iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus

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    Default iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus

    Is anyone on here a fan of these phones or want one? I myself am i android fan always will be

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    Me not really. My opinion on the iphones is that it's mediocre hardware with a terrible build "quality", marketed at the jackpot price.

    But as it turns out, opinions differ

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    The biggest concern I have for the 6+ is that the bendability risk is too high. Yes, the hardware is outdated and is also lacking features. For the price, I don't believe either of the phones are worth it.

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    Echoing the concerns on bendability. I have a fairly study phone at the moment, and I'm not sure I'd like to drop that much cash on something to fragile...

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    Exactly. I own a 2 year old Motorola Defy XT and it is hands-down the toughest phone I've ever owned. Does evrything an iPhone would, and cost me $209NZ brand-new. 3.7" screen, decent resolution (480x854), Gorilla glass, and it's waterproof! Just the other day it fell off the handlebars of my bike while I was doing 40kph downhill on gravel, with no protective case or screen protector - and it survived with little more than scratches. Try having your iPhone do that without a massive bulky case on it. Sure, it's got a few battle-scars, but they just add to the tale. I wouldn't know what to do with an iPhone and I see no need to downgrade.

    My basic rule for buying things is this:
    1. Do I really need it?
    2. Is it absolutely fit for purpose?
    3. Is it the best value for money, or at least on sale?
    4. Buy it and keep it for as long as possible.

    I'm actually at the point with this phone where I'm going to get a new battery for it as the old one is losing its ability to charge. I was looking for a new phone, but honestly, nobody makes anything like it now (apart from hardcore builder-type phones, or the Samsung S5, or Sony, and they want big bucks...). I was shocked.

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    Can i ask ... is this going to be an iPhone bashing thread or what?

    That being said, i currently have an iPhone (because i choose to not because I'm a fanboy) and find that I'm pretty happy with it. That being said i wouldn't mind having the iPhone 6 as it looks pretty good and i am impressed with it. But alas, funds do not permit me to do such a thing at this point in time so I'm happy to just keep with my current phone considering it works fine.

    I dont deny that the new iPhones have had issues with bendability which is a bit of a shame but i don't agree with people saying that it is outdate hardware. Considering that there have been reports of previous android executives that have actually praised the iPhone 6 as "on of the best built and designed phones on the market today". I highly doubt that they would say that lightly and try to bring a bad name to what they have been working on themselves. You can actually see most of the reports on macworld news and i think even gizmodo had a story about it too. So there you go.

    I also want to know why people say that iPhone is based on "outdated" hardware? What evidence do you have for that? Considering that the iPhone doesn't actually have an issue with the processing capability with anything that it runs i fail to see how this is outdated hardware. Not to mention that yes, NFC has been out for a long time and it has only been recently adopted ... that being said (and one of the reasons why things do take a while for apple to add them) is that they do work very hard on their software to ensure that it actually works as it is supposed to rather then just putting the capability in the phone is it working all crappy like. I do agree it is frustrating that features do take a little bit to come out with apple ... but at least when they release their phones they always have several things to talk about (particularly interesting to see what design changes to the phone, or software enhancements they have made which are actually far more interesting then the hardware itself). I mean to say look at the samsung ... they are now releasing exactly the same phone over and over again with nothing actually new about it. Its kind of sad really (even if they are a popular phone).

    And this leads me onto my final point. Why do people get so hyped up about simple hardware. Hardware is one aspect of the equation. Without good software you can have all the hardware you want and it will still not perform any better. I wanted to point out that the iPhone, in terms of benchmarking ... is currently at the top of the rank. This has been proven multiple times by multiple different independent reporting agencies. For example .... ... And that was just the first one i found. I remember with the iPhone had launched there was a far more comprehensive one that compared java as well as other graphics performance and the iPhone still beat all the other phones (and not crappy old models but the current flagship models) from various companies. So i re-iterate ... where is the evidence that the iPhone has outdated hardware when all the benchmarking and real-life applications show that performance is not an issue at all?

    I like my iPhone ... and it makes me cranky when people express their opinions that iPhones are shit because they are an android user and they HAVE to have that opinion. They never talk about any facts, show any benchmarking or and real-life applications where the issues they have raised are evident but these people tend to say "iPhones are crap because of x, y, z" (with the x, y, z being some minor aspect of the phone that makes no actual difference to the performance).

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    I have a iphone,,didnt not want the 6 thought it was to big but i am coming around to the idea of a bigger one.

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    iPhone 6 here. Got it because my old iphone 4s got dropped in some soda that leaked out of my cup and into my cup holder. It's a good phone, doubt I will ever switch, (Same reason why I will never switch from a PC to a Mac) in that the iPhone was the first smartphone I ever got.

    Saw the 6+, and it is way too big for what I like. The 6 is almost too big in my opinion too, but that is just me.

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    Haha I'm now coming back to this thread after two weeks. I've now eaten my words and bought an Xperia Z1. For $350NZ, restored. As far as performance goes, it's up there with an iPhone 5, and durability-wise it matches my Motorola. And it has 16gb internal + 32gb expandable memory (can go 64 but I don't have a card).

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