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Thread: What is a munch? How have you followed your path/made friends/ expanded horizons

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    Default What is a munch? How have you followed your path/made friends/ expanded horizons

    Hi people, Thanks for having me!

    (no really, some of you can have me!)

    I'm past not being me and over the last year have been integrating various aspects of my life into one (hopefully) functional existence.

    I've been close to meeting a few other d/ls and talking to my wife about it.
    However I always have the idea I will be raped/kidnapped/uncomfortable or something else. Has anyone here made ab type friends/fetish friends as an adult and how did you know it was safe?

    I would love some of the more veteran people to tell me how you get invited to a Munch or similar or how you yourself have gone about meeting people, filtering out wierdo's/incompatibles?

    wow i sound like a judgemental arsehole. I'm not, just not very eloquent at 5.20am For the record, i consider myself a wierdo

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    I've never been to a munch before, though there is a pretty big AB/DL presence in my area.

    A munch is basically a get together in a public place where like minded people can get together and just hang out. Most munches I believe you don't need to be invited, however the host usually would like you contact them so that they know how many people they should be expecting so that they can reserve the space.
    You can get more info here:

    Safety is a issue and I believe the host will take that into account. If it's one of the older lasting munches, the host can usually give you tips and advise before you attend. Like meeting most people I would suggest trying to getting to know them first. I find it easier to get to know people by talking to them first, in a voice conversation. People can say what they want in chats and email, but talking with voice, you get a better sense of emotion, atleast for me.

    I guess my final piece of advise is to do you research before going to a munch. Find out what the environment is like so you don't stick out when you go. Maybe go with a friend if you have any that are like minded. I would have liked to go to one that's near me but personally it's a bit far from my home and I work on the days that they have the munch. Anyways I hoped this helped

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    I live in Pittsburgh and while I've never been to a munch, I've considered it. We have a pretty solid group around here based from fetlife who get together every now and then. How they do it is: public munches is basically anyone is invited. You have to dress modestly, but it can still be cutesy. Just y'know cover your ass. Literally. Private munches though, you have to have been to an event a number of times so they get to know you. Can't have an actual weirdo going to someone's house, obv.

    So, try to find a local group online. Join a few events, get to know people. Make sure its a decent sized group tho. The more people, the less likely there is to be trouble

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenna View Post
    Has anyone here made ab type friends/fetish friends as an adult and how did you know it was safe?

    I would love some of the more veteran people to tell me how you get invited to a Munch or similar or how you yourself have gone about meeting people, filtering out wierdo's/incompatibles?
    Humans are social creatures by nature. We all are hoping to find others that share similar interests as ourselves.

    I've never been to a munch before. But I have met some people. Just met one for the first time in real life yesterday. I haven't met many, but the ones that I have met, have been really nice.

    Only advise I can give, are the basic common sense ones when making new friends, or when meeting people for the first time.

    Start conversations with people. Find others from your area, state, geographic region, etc.; and send them a message. Everyone was the new guy at some point. Ask questions, get to know people. You'll get a good sense of people from messaging with them.

    Get to know people. Find people with similar interests. You won't be able to make anything work, if you only have diapers to talk about. (How boring would that be?)

    You'll start some really cool conversations. I've talked with many different people from all over the world on this site. Most, I won't ever be able to meet in real life. Due to simply being too far away from them.

    Use the text chat on here, to get to have conversations with others. After you level up, you'll even be able to use the TeamSpeak voice chat. I really like the voice chat. It's great. You can really speak with other people. You don't have to worry about giving out any personal info, or creating multiple accounts for things like Skype to use it.

    At some point, you'll find someone that lives relatively close to you. You'll discover that you have lots of things in common. And maybe you'll decide that you want to meet in real life. Be safe. When meeting, meet in a public place. Somewhere where there is a lot of people around. If you get a bad vibe from the person, walk away.

    You can even bring a vanilla friend along. You don't have to let them know anything. Just tell the person that you're meeting, that you're pretty worried about meeting someone in real life, and you'll be bringing a friend along, and to please not talk about diapers. You can make up a story, that you're going to go see an old friend. If you've talked enough before hand, you'll both have some pretty good knowledge of each other, where conversations wouldn't be too bad.

    Maybe sitting at a restaurant, trying to have a conversation with a new person isn't your thing. You might try meeting somewhere, where there is actives for you to do, to keep yourselves both occupied. Go bowling. Go to Dave and Busters, Go to an amusement park, a mall, a museum, or anything else where you can have other things to distract and keep conversation going.

    Keep in contact with someone. Let them know that you're going to be going somewhere, and you'd like them to keep in touch with you. Once again, you can make up a story: "Hey mike, can you call and check up with me every thirty minutes or so. I'm going to be going to visit an old friend. He's had some problems, and I just want to make sure that I'm safe. If I don't answer, please call for help for me."

    I've been on both ends when meeting someone new. I've been the one that was REALLY worried, and I've met people that were REALLY worried about me. I took no offense when someone was constantly on their phone checking in with someone else. I took no offense when meeting another person and they brought a friend along. I agreed to pretend to be an old friend, and diapers weren't mentioned. I have also been the one that brought the friend, and was calling and checking in with others.

    If they're a good person, and truly mean you no harm, they'll understand; and won't be offended by it. They might even chuckle about it later, "You were worried about little 'ol me?"

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    The first DL I met was through Craigslist because I didn't know about this site. I posted looking for my first diaper experience. A couple of guys contacted me that lived in the area. We chatted for a few days before meeting in public. I did end up meeting with one of them, the other one relocated for work before we got to meet. I am still in contact with this guy and we do get together whenever we can. Both of our schedules are very busy and we do text each other to keep in touch. I was very fortunate with that Ad. I am not encouraging Craigslist but I did find my first DL buddy there. I have just heard of a munch and am also curious if they are worth going to..

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    Well where I'm at found my munch on fetlife .
    Most are younger then me but so refreshing to be able to talk about stuff.
    Even been over to a sleep over it was fun . Me being shy when not at home .
    Very respectfull of being at some ones house.

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    I went to my first munch just last month through Fetlife. It was really cool. Everyone there was really nice and I met lots of cool people. We were able to talk not only about ABDL casually, but also all sorts of other random things. The people there are usually very friendly and welcoming, so once you arrive at the munch, you'll wondering what you were afraid of. So I'd definitely recommend going to one.

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    Wow, thanks for the rep points everyone. I wasn't expecting that. That makes me feel better today. I wasn't having a very good day.

    But yeah, just be safe. I've met people at sport events before where there was thousands of people and security everywhere if I needed help.

    I went to a water park once to meet someone & have met a couple of people at restaurants.

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