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    Hiya everyone *waves*

    Its strange on what we dream and can sometimes turn into stories I like to share everyone my story which I posted in the story topic which i hope you like.

    has anyone else had any strange dreams about being a toddler/baby again or what happened when you was young ??

    Please Share here

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    There's no time to read your story, nor to write my own. I don't have enough emotion to write a story, anyway. But, I believe nearly all of us has dreamt of infantilism at least once. I had a couple of dreams where I wet whatever I'm wearing, but my dreams never seem to go further than that. Perhaps our dream world does indeed reflect what we really desire

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    Umm I have infantilism everynow and then. often it though it its that I want a pack of diapers but somehow cant. like e.g. Im in a store holding the diaper but then I get so excited that I do something else like maybe run outsida and do something, just something totally random. exept for the times I have achieved some diapers and might be wearing then the dream will continue on like I might get diapered by some e.g. friend. But then it mostly ends there. Wich kinda sucks I want to dream more about it. Funny thing is that sometimes that I have achieved the first state in lucid dreaming realizing that Im dreaming it has always been something with diapers. like wait a minute I cant actually be holding a diaper, this must be a dream. and then some minutes after I loose the state.

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    When ever I have a dream about diapers I'm usually wearing a wet diaper out in public and I'm worried that some one will notice. No ever does but I'm still nervous. I think this says something about my subconscious and how I feel about wearing diapers.

    Sometimes in my dream I'll be alone and wearing a diaper and I'll try to wet and I always wake up needing to pee really bad. One time I woke up and I had already changed the wetness indicator on my diaper, I wish I could just sleep through those dreams.

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