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Thread: hard decisions...

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    Default hard decisions...

    Whelp it's finally time for me to upgrade my phone. I'm finally letting my iPhone 4 go after all this time Anyways on to better technology! So I've decided to finally try an Android phone.

    I'm most likely going to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 however I have a small problem... I can't decide on what color I want xD I'm stuck between charcoal or frost white.

    It's such a hard decision =/ Anyone have any suggestions about what color I should go for and or any suggestions for a tempered glass protector?

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    I know the hardships. I'm about to ditch my galaxy s3 and I can't decide if I want the note 4, note edge, or the pure android nexus 6. As for color I would go charcoal as I think white phones are ugly, but I also put a case on it so you almost never see it. I also skip screen protectors as the glass is incredibly strong in all the new phones and if you treat your electronics bad enough that it is a concern then you don't deserve them.

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    I don't really scratch my phones, but I found that the Note 4 is a fingerprint magnet. I would wait for the nexus 6, but I won't want to wait. By the time the nexus 6 comes out something better will probably be out.

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    Frost white! It looks really sleek and luxury-like!

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    White because charcoil, you will easily see the scratches. White...ehh not so much.

    White, the scratches are barely visible while as the charcoil version is very noticable and you wold have to get a case (If you are one of those people)

    White is an absorbent for fingerprints so you would not see the prints as much.

    Charcoil, I don't think you see the prints at all.

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    I would go with white because a white phone is more refreshing since there are already tons of black smart phones out there.

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