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Thread: Black friday sales!

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    Question Black friday sales!

    This has been my first year buying diapers online. In the past, do you remember if diaper websites had any Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales?? I would be super excited to see some cool deals or BOGOs!

    What have been your past experiences with holiday sales?

    -WC ^__^

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    Hmm.. never bothered to check on either of those days. If the sites do have deals during then, please do tell us the sites that do.

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    Aww So Cute or Bambino might, but I don't pay much attention to that.

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    Check the tena site. I think they currently have a BOGO sale on packages only, and if I am not mistaken you can get 3 packages. There is a little more information in the Tena has BOGO thread in this forum.

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    That is all I need is an excuse to go on a shopping spree 😄

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    I am going to Black Friday for an XBOX ONE with the next gen GTA V. I'm a returning player so Ingame I get:
    A prototype milatary RailGun
    A Hatchet Melee weapon
    The Cheval Marshall monster truck
    The Go Go Monkey Blista (And Monkey FurSuit!)

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