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Thread: Snuggies update please read!

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    Default Snuggies update please read!

    On their Tumblr, snuggies posted this..

    Snuggies Diapers CAP Con 2015
    Fresh off our trip to Folsom Street fair Snuggies Diapers is excited to announce that we will be at CAPCON 2015, an Age Player Convention in our home town of Chicagoland. The convention will be held March 27 - 29, 2015. You can find more information about the convention and register to attend on their website We will be bringing diapers as well as our big playpen to add to the list of toys and spaces they have. If you missed the playpen at Folsom here is a second chance for you to come and play. We look forward to seeing both friends and new faces alike.

    We are planning to offer the ability to pre purchase product at a reduced price, no shipping charges and have it brought to the convention for you. This will be incredibly helpful and useful for people who are traveling to the event from out of state. More details about this promotion will be announced in early 2015 as we get closer to the event. Who knew someone would tell you not to pack so many diapers? Save the room and bring a teddy bear so they donít miss out on the fun.

    We are also finalizing another event that we hope to announce before December 31st, 2014."

    So does this mean they arn't ready for shipping yet??

    Very confused!

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    I think they mean that you can order the diapers for the convention before the convention and get a reduced price. It says they will bring it to the convention. They can't bring a product that has been ordered if it doesn't exist. So, i would think that yes, they will still ship the pre-orders that were made for november. From the wording this post does NOT refer to the pre-order of snuggies before their release to the public, it just refers to pre-ordering the diapers to be brought to the convention.

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    They told me they'd ship at NOvember's end. I think that email says that they will be at CapCon - so those traveling won;t have to worry bout packing diapers.

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    This post has nothing to do with pre-sale orders or their ship date. All orders being placed now are still on track to be shipped out around or just after Thanksgiving (end of November).

    This is just saying that before the convention you can buy product specifically for the convention and you can pick it up at the convention, again this has nothing to do with the pre sale that is going on now and does not affect the shipping date of the pre sales expected to ship in November.

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    Phewww, ok good! I was getting worried!

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    Oooo! I'll have to check this one out!

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