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Thread: Buying My First Adult Diapers Soon: What Should I Get?

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    Default Buying My First Adult Diapers Soon: What Should I Get?

    I've only worn baby diapers so far, but I've decide that I'm a big kid now (pun intended) and I'll be buying my first adult diapers soon. My options are somewhat limited due to my unique issues with shipping and it's most likely I will only be able to ship via USPS. Maybe Fedex or UPS if I am super lucky (the town that I live in has two stores that aren't technically UPS or Fedex but you can send packages there, so I'll have to call them and see if they will let me ship a package to them that I can pick up later). But for now let's assume that I will only be able to ship USPS (via General Delivery). This limits things because a)fewer stores ship via USPS
    b)USPS is far more expensive
    So I've come up with two stores I can buy from: North Shore or XP Medical.
    So, for the diapers I want, I would like to get two types of diapers, one type plastic backed and one type cloth backed. Along with this, I will probably also go to my local store and buy a pack of Goodnites.
    I'd like to get some Abena M4's (plastic) while I can as I'm guessing these will be phased out in favor of the cloth backed ones in the somewhat near future. But, if I get Abriforms this limits my options for the second type of diaper-my plan is to use a $50 Visa gift card and with the cost of shipping, I would be able to get nothing at XP or the cheapest diapers available in my size at North Shore. So that may not be the best idea. I could go with A+ level 3 and a pack of Delta Forms (now cloth backed unfortunately) at XP. At North Shore, I could get Delta Forms but then there is no plastic diaper I could afford. So, I would go with XP but I find the lack of leakguards and the low number of diapers per pack on the A+ sort of sketchy. This leaves me with two budget diapers: Tranquility ATN and Dignity PM. I would be able to order one pack of ATN's and two packs of PM's at North Shore, and neither diaper is available at XP. So this leaves me with three options: ATN's and PM's at North Shore (which would give me 32 diapers, 43 including the Goodnites), Delta Forms and A+ level 3 at XP (which would give me 23 diapers, 34 including Goodnites), or Abri Forms and Dignity Comfort (which is the best diaper I could get to fit within the $50 range) at North Shore which would give me 24 diapers, 35 including Goodnites. Which option would you recommend?
    PS- I am not an overly heavy wetter, I can get a baby diaper to last me a couple hours if I don't wet heavily or maybe an hour if I do wet heavily, and when I wear I use my diaper for everything so messing capacity also comes into account here

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    I'm at a similar roadblock, in the sense I can't find that balance for quality and price. But what I can tell you is, at least afaik, the Abena M4's aren't getting phased out. I believe Abena agreed to keep M4's available in plastic due to popular demand (which makes me sad, I preferred the M3's because I'd usually change before hitting capacity on M4's and you could get so many more M3's by price). So, if it's bothering you that you don't wanna miss the chance to try them, or don't want to get attached to a product that's leaving, I don't think the M4 plastic is going anywhere. As for what specifically to get, I'm sorry I can't help more since the only high quality adult diaper I've tried aside from Abena M3 and M4 are the Bambino Bianco, and I dunno if they'll ship USPS. You can always ask though! I know they at least used to ship their samples USPS, so maybe contacting them will get some results

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    Between abena, XP, and tranquility ATN it's pretty hard to go wrong. Do you have any other factors that might influence the decision? Waist and hip size are definitely one, it may be that you're between sizes for one kind of diaper but not for some other kind.

    One other thing you might consider is ordering a pack of something from XP medical, and then trying a few sample packs of other things to fill the cost up to your $50 max not as efficient in terms of diapers per unit of money, but it will let you try more things. With the exception of cloth backed abenas, it's pretty hard to go wrong with the stuff XP carries.

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    If you want cheap diapers: Absorbency Plus 4

    If you want average diapers: Abena M4 (Click for Bambino link)

    If you want highly absorbent diapers: Dry 24/7 (Click for XPMedical link)

    If you want blue diapers: Molicare SuperPlus (Click for Bambino link)(Click for XPMedical link)

    If you want cute diapers: Bambino Classico (click for amazon link)

    If you want anime pink diapers: DC Armor

    If you want cute diapers that absorb so much: Bambino Bellissimo (Click for Bambino link)

    I listed medium sizes. There is one that is large only.

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