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Thread: Majora's Mask 3DS

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    Default Majora's Mask 3DS

    Holy jesus. I'm really excited.

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    MM was and still is my favorite Zelda game

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    There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to get this eventually, but that doesn't make the hype any less potent.

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    I have a 3ds so I will go get the game

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    the majora zelda game. I have a 3ds

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    Default Majora's Mask 3DS

    Wait WHAT?! This is actually a thing?! Damn.

    This literally might be reason enough for me to buy a 3DS simply for that. I almost cried when I found out my childhood 'friend' stole my original holographic n64 majoras mask cartridge.

    That game was amazing. Better imho, than Ocarina of time even. I loved the eeriness and the overall darker vibe of the game (compared to other Zelda games), even as a kid.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Literally had nightmares over this damn thing as a kid. Arghhh what a game!

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    Never played the original, I "only" owned a PlayStation back then. I'll definitely pick this up when I get a chance. Now I only need to find some time to actually play it, I only recently got time to play and finish A Link Between Worlds.

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    Nintendo sure has been pleasing it's dedicated fanbase, haven't they? You guys scream loud enough and you eventually get it.

    I don't consider myself apart of that dedicated fanbase if that wasn't obvious, but I've always appreciated and had a fondness for Nintendo. They make some games that make people happy, and have made me happy. I see so much clamoring for remakes and ports though, basically encouraging that Nintendo keep on selling you the exact same game over and over because you're only proving it works

    Hey, there is a list of games I want to see get remastered or whatever myself though. Dragon Quest VIII looks too amazing even now to be ruined by my HDTV. I understood Wind Waker HD for this reason. Absolutely on the same league. A game from last generation that still was aging well that deserved to look great in the HDTV era.

    It just confuses me out hearing some people say they want like.. no changes from the original game, it to be basically just a straightforward port... on a handheld. Like, I see people saying that the change in graphics is bad or they are upset that they are altering a boss fight. Like, isn't the whole point of wanting them to re-release the game like this (on a handheld instead of just a HD remake for a console) so they change it up a little? So it's a bit fresh? It's not like Majora's Mask hasn't been easy to get for Virtual Console since forever if people just wanted to play the original.

    Sometimes I don't understand, I dunno.
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