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Thread: Meteor going to hit earth in six months...

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    Exclamation Meteor going to hit earth in six months...

    Ok, so here is a scenario. It is determined a giant meteor is going to hit earth. It is too big to blast apart and traveling at a rate in which in exactly 6 months it will destroy the earth.

    Does the government tell the world the discovery? Or should they keep it a secret?

    I'm curious as to what people think. On one hand you might wanna see loved ones or settle disputes. Maybe revisit your faith.

    On the other hand, chaos could break out...

    What do you think?

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    I think whether governments made it public or not, the news would in any case leak out pretty soon and cause lots of media mayhem, and from then on it'd be complete chaos and madness all over the place...

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    I doubt we'd even be able to detect it in time. So little is spent on searching for and tracking NEO's (Near Earth Objects), and so few people are involved in the search; that I'd bet we'd never see it coming.

    That being said, if we did detect something:
    I can't speak for the various government agencies around the world. But I think they'd try to keep it a secret as long as possible, to avoid a panic situation and riots.

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    I'm not worried. Meteors have gotten super close to earth but they never been this close. We have had meteors hit earth before. The most recent is the one in 2012 in Russia. Even if it were gotten close to the atmosphere, it would burn up. IF it was huge and it came close, NASA would launch a reflect mission to divert the meteor somewhere else.

    So even if it were to hide away from us, the media and everyone would report it sooner or later. If it's our time, it's our time, that's how I look at it. Right now, we have the government watching every move space makes, crimes committed, the new satellite that is in the sky (That we can watch) is probably watching the meteor calculating it's projector and speed.

    The newest speculation is this:

    A meteor to hit Aug 26, 2032. There have been so many theory's of the world ending by meteors.

    A gigantic meteor expected to hit Feb 12th 2012...never did

    A huge meteor expected to hit mid july-august 2013...never did

    and now your saying a meteor will hit us in six months? Puh-lease.

    If it hits us sooner or later, then I'm going to hide underneath my covers praying that I go out quick and I see my favorite pokemon.

    P.S. Where did you exactly see this meteor that will hit in sIx months? Did this occur to you in a dream? I don't see it anywhere.
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    Yeah, I've seen this play out dozens of time on the Syfy network, and we always come up with a solution. Don't forget, we now have a giant Godzilla to deal with it.

    To the question, the government should tell people for the very reasons given, to say good-bye and I love you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    Where did you exactly see this meteor will hit in sex months?

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    I seen a meteor fall 2 days ago...

    not everyday you see a green ball of fire fall.

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    I'm more worried about the Yellowstone caldera exploding than I am about a meteor impact -- but still not very worried. Unlike a meteor impact, we'll likely know when the supervolcano's about to blow, but there will be absolutely nothing we can do about it.

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