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    Hi everyone,
    I had opened a thread called induced lactation, some of you had shared your experiences, it was great, and I was supposed to give some news! But an admin closed the thread and told me to open a new one about it because it's been 3 monts. So here it is.
    My girlfriend started yesterday to take some domperidone, with my physician's consent! I'm really happy about it. For those who have done it, I have some questions. How long did it take for you to actually get some milk ? And how long and how often did you stimulate the nipples ? Did you use any device or..? Thank you.

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    Theres a lot of info about this on reddit if it helps

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    My girlfriend takes 10mg of domperidone three or four times a day. I stimulate her breast at least one time a day for a few minutes.
    And she already makes a little bit of milk !

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    I'm a little bit worried though. How much can I drink without it affecting my fertility ?

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    I'm curious. Have you been on the Land of Milk and Honey website?

    When my girlfriend and I started inducing this website was like out handbook. And she didn't take any supplements so I can't help there sorry.

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