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    There is a reason many people order from trusted companies like Bambino. The packages always show up on time and are in plain unmarked boxes.

    I decided to purchase a case of MoliFrom Supers from an out of state online store.

    They showed up a day early (which is usually good), but they were shipped in the original box. Although a good graphic image of your product is generally a good idea, I came home with several people from work,and it was painfully obvious what was in the box. I live alone. In a million years, I never thought I would let my personal stuff spill into by business life. I guess there is no one to blame but myself for not asking enough questions.

    Be careful who you order from.

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    That is why you do your most trusted research and ask questions from the stores and online servers.

    Well, nobody is at fault here because you probably did not know. It can happen to anyone. What's frustrating about this is they,

    1. Don't care about customer discreetness
    2. They have no Brown Boxes to supply
    3. They are one of the original stores that have their packages.

    It is always good to buy from secured websites (IE: HTTPS://) and ask how they handle security. Next, ask from users that bought from the stores or ask the owners how they handle prices and shipping. Finally, track your package and make sure it is the one you desperately want. Key things to remember when buying is,

    Privacy: Make sure you are retrieving your package and nobody else is around.
    Time: Always make sure it shows up on time or receive alerts where it's at or when it shows up
    Bills: Some users prefer gift cards or paypals because the purchases (like Debit or credit cards) show up on your statement showing your charges.

    Your not the only one, it can happen to everyone. Just be more cautious when ordering online next time.

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    I try to avoid issues like this by tracking the package. If I'm not going to be home alone, expect company, or the discreteness of the package. Sometimes I find deals on eBay or other sites that are too good to pass up. I'd the package is shipped UPS, it gets held up at the local depot. FedEx gets diverted to the closest FedEx store.

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    On the bright side, your coworkers cannot discriminate against you legally, unlike family and friends. While it will possibly be difficult if they tell people, you can try to explain that you would not like this information shared with other coworkers, especially as it is no one's business but your own. IMHO, if you can trust them enough to bring them to your house, you can probably trust them enough to be more discreet than the company you ordered from. Likewise, they will probably assume medical reasons before they assume fetish, especially given the brand. On the other hand, if they're so shitty that they wouldn't respect your privacy, try to be a little more cautious with who you bring to your house. I mean, to put it in perspective, I have a friend who was such a horrible friend that we are no longer friends. She knows about this part of my life and yet she hasn't told anyone, despite our issues. So anyone who would go and talk about something like this doesn't deserve a spot in your personal life. Just my take on it, at least.

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    you could've just made a comment on how they got sent to the wrong address. At least that's what I would've done. Hindsight is 20-20 though and it's stupid they wouldn't send it in something more discreet.

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    This is what I was thinking, then put it away saying that you'll get around to sending it back tomorrow.

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    Most people who would see a package of diapers would assume it's for incontinence and would respect your medical need.

    This Sunday our oldest son stopped in to visit with my wife, his mother. Oddly, she asked him if he would go to the basement and get the tape measure to measure our wheelchair ramp. She has this idea that she would like it replaced with a bigger, aluminum one.

    That morning I had dropped a cloth diaper and plastic pants, both of them dry, into our laundry basket, something he would have to have passed to get the tape measure. I don't know if he looked down on the floor and into the basket or not, but I'm sure not going to bring it up. Apparently, diapers happen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanone View Post
    On the bright side, your coworkers cannot discriminate against you legally, unlike family and friends.
    That doesn't really help things any. The issue is that things are awkward now with co-workers, last I checked that's not really discrimination. Most people aren't dumb enough to do anything overt, and it's not like running to HR over it is a good solution in that case anyway.

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    I think it would have been more awkward if someone would have jumped in and started a conversation about it when they saw the box, but no one said anything at the time. It was the silence that got me, because I know they all saw it (too big to miss). Later on in the day, one of the people I have known for a long time, got me off to the side and asked me if I was ok. I was in the hospital for three days about 10 days ago, and I believe they assumed that the diapers were related to my stay in the hospital. I kept it short, and said I am doing better, but it will be a few weeks before I am back to normal again. That was the best response I could manage without going into details or making up a lie that would make it worse.

    I just left work an hour ago, and I did not get any weird looks, and no one said anything. I can only assume that there will be conversations going on that I will not be aware of. I hope those of you that are trying to keep your personal life personal and separated front the job, keep in mind that it can happen. I sincerely thought I was too smart and too careful to let this happen to me. If anything comes of this, I will keep you updated.

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