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    Default best AB fetlife groups

    What are the best (most useful) AB groups on fetlife? I am in a few, but i remember some other ones being mentioned that I don't remember being in. I keep going on and off of that site, it isn't my favorite, but I want to try and make the best of it.

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    SOAP is good (Social of Age Players). I'm in the southern california division. They hold regular munches and parties. Young AB/Dl is also good

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    I am very active on Fetlife but to be honest I've not found any of the AB groups to be of much interest. I've found that certain groups are just full of bitchiness and know-it-alls and the others are just dull. I have a much more rewarding experience interacting with people of various kinks in my local area.

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    The large general ABDL groups are decent enough. The quality of conversation is fairly solid, though the frequency of new topics is at most a few a day.

    The ones local to your area can be amazing if there's a strong local scene and very underwhelming if there isn't.

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    I only care about the local groups. They are the people I meet with and play with.

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    Honestly the best ABDL group I'm in on FetLife is for The Big Little Podcast. They're wonderful people.

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