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    Default AB/DL's throughout time

    Hey everyone.

    So I've been reading up a bit on theories of how infantilism occurs in people and they seem to conclude the fact that AB/DL's aren't a modern phenomenon. I'm aware of cases stretching rather far back but I was wondering if their was cases that were older than say 100, 200 or even more years. And then I thought about what if some prominent historical figures may have been AB/Dl's. Maybe Abrham Lincoln secretly sucked his thumb or Attila the Hun loved wolf fur diapers. :P I don't maybe that's just me being silly.

    I was wondering if any of you has ever heard of any one in history that may of had some record of AB/DL tendencies (sucking thumb, sleeping with plushies, any thing infantile or regresive in nature). Even if it's a rumour about them!

    I know it's probably not the most well researched area of history but the idea that important people in history were AB/DL kinda interests me. But mostly I find comfort in the idea that the Infantile practices we do today may have been practised on this earth by humans for thousands of years!

    (granted the practices would be in different context to our modern ways but with the same sort of main theme of regression)

    Thanks for reading

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    While I'm sure it goes back a ways (I've read some fairly credible mention back to the Victorian era), I would guess the history gets pretty murky the further back you go. Obviously this is the case with a lot of things but I would add to this that our concepts of childhood and infancy aren't well represented the futher back one looks. Children had to pull their own weight very early and due to high rates of infant mortality, parents weren't as emotionally attached to the little bundle of joy that might not last.

    I would expect that while the trappings may not be the same, the desires many ABDLs seek to satisfy are more enduring and people would have satisfied those in other ways if infancy and childhood didn't have the same meanings.

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    King George III wore diapers, but he was considered mad. He had some sort of blood related, copper disease, and peed blue into his diaper. (see The Madness of King George)

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    As I understand my medieval history, once you got outside of the nobility, peasants engaged in all sorts of practices. The few paintings and journals that recorded peasant activity tend to have a fair share of debauchery.

    I wouldn't be surprised if that included some variations of age play and regression, spanking perhaps. Diapers as a thing weren't developed in the same way, but the broader idea of regression really can't be that new.

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    Historically the most desirable ages would have been mid- to late adolescence. Any younger and you were physically incapable of peak performance, much older and you've accumulated too much damage for peak performance. Children weren't really highly regarded or considered special. The economics of life at that level of development requires massive numbers of warm bodies to accomplish nearly any task. The concurrent lack of effective treatment for life bumps and ills also GREATLY increases the mortality rate.

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    It's worth remembering that the idea of adolescence as a distinct stage of life is relatively new (i.e. around the turn of the 20th century). Before that, there were children and adults, and that was about it. If you go back far enough, you'll get to a point where children were pretty much just immature miniature adults that were not regarded as anything special. Trevor is right on when he says that our ideas of infancy and childhood are relatively new, new enough that puzzling out what a 15th century ABDL might have looked like or been into is nigh impossible.

    But, the image of a Renaissance Man in a Renaissance diaper is kind of amusing!

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    Leonardo davinci! I could imagine him being regressive and trying to go back to his childhood he was kind of a weird guy I mean painting the mysterious Mona lisa, also all those weird planes he built (perhaps actual toys) and this is the weirdest of all!!! That he would have basically what would be an autopsy today! He would dig up dead bodies and cut them open to study them under candlelight! Plus while doing this he would write down anything he found out about the bodies backwards in a different language so I guess if he got caught no one could read it and catch on to what he was actually doing cool huh!

    Now what Leonardo did was revolutionize anatomy thankfully he did are we might not know what we know now anyways the point being is I could see someone like Leonardo regressing trying recapture what it was like to be a child again.

    P.S. I am not trying to get off topic or offend anyone with what I have said just figured after seeing the post above about the renaissance man.

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    I suspect fetishes and related behaviors have been a part of the human makeup from the beginning, but these activities would have been better concealed in more primitive civilizations because they would have been viewed as mental defects that were a threat to the society.

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    Good point Trevor. I kinda overlooked that and just kinda copy pasted my concept of childhood as what they would consider childhood. But if the trappings weren't the same at least you saying the desires are the same gives me happiness. The idea that our motives for what we now does have a long history. A kind of primeval desire to regress, belong or be cared for. Even if our methods are probably extremely different to how ancient people expressed these desires, theirs still kinda a tangent of similarity in what desires we all are trying to fill. I don't know makes me kinda smile when I think about it

    Also had no idea about George III (knew he was crazy didn't know he peed blue 0.o

    And I love the idea of Leonardo in a diaper :3 less time on the toilet means more time for inventing and painting :P

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    Children were put to work at a young age, and if they got out of line, they were cuffed, or worse, beaten. A child's life in the lower classes was not a happy one. Even my grandmother worked in a sweat shop when she was a child. She worked in the garment industry in Irvington, New Jersey. When I was a young child, she told me that when she had a tooth ache, her mother would take her to the barber, the one with the red and white pole, and she would be sat in the chair where her tooth would be pulled with a pliers. There was no such thing as Novocaine.

    So my point is this, and Trevor's, that a carefree childhood is a much more recent invention. I suspect that children didn't have the time or place to regress, much less sneak diapers. Besides, most kids shared rooms with other siblings. My mother-in-law, as a child, slept with her mother and her brother slept with the father, because there were only two beds. Most people had very little. We've come a long way, baby.

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