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Thread: Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 Review

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    Default Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 Review

    Well, I've had these diapers for a few weeks now, and I'm on my final 3 so I figured I should do a review. I'll start out with appearance.
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    The first picture shows how the diaper looks when you take it out of the bag. The bag includes two designs, but I only have diapers with this design left. As you can see it is very cute and has Sesame Street characters on it. It does have the cloth like cover like most all baby diapers today so it is not very crinkly, which is good if you are going for discreetness.
    The second picture is a closeup of the characters.
    The third picture shows what the back of the diaper looks like, and it has three more characters! And, it has a cute little tag that says Pampers and what size it is.
    Next is the landing zone. This is what I think to be the primary example of how a cloth like cover can reduce the vibrance of the colors of a diaper. As you can probably see it has illustrations of buttons and a heart in the middle. I think this is one of the cutest parts of the diaper without the cloth like cover.
    Moving on, we see what the diaper looks like when it's fully stretched out. As you can see in the middle part it continues the design (albeit without characters) and has two cute little yellow tags.
    These last two pictures show what it looks like on me. I have about a 31"-32" waist, and they do feel a bit small but they pretty much fit. I would recommend taping to the landing zone and not the wings as the wings break off easily.
    So, overall for appearance I give it a 9/10 for the cute all over design and characters, but the one point is taken off due to the loss of color because of the cloth like cover.
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    Here is what the packaging looks like. Not much to say about it, but as you can see it can be oriented vertically or horizontally.
    Now let's move on to performance.
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    In the first picture you can see that I measured the thickness of the diapers. Each diaper when folded is about 0.75 inches (2 cm) thick. Not very thick, but what could you expect?
    In the second picture you can see what it looks like when partially opened.
    In the third picture, you can see the arrangement of the padding. At the very front is a small portion with just SAP, but then is the main absorbent core which extends for about 9 inches. Then behind that is about 5 more inches of just SAP, although it's not quite as dense as the SAP in front.
    In the fourth picture I show the capacity of these diapers. This diaper has about 5 cups (40 oz, 1200 mL) of water in it. So absorbency is not an issue. The issues are with the speed of absorbency and the leakguards. When standing up, if you are SUPER careful and wet in slow increments, you might be able to get it to this capacity. You could probably flood if you are standing up, and you can get a decent amount in if you wet slowly while sitting/laying down. I would not recommend wearing these to bed unless you are not wetting them, or just wetting them lightly. The other night I doubled them up to bed and I wet a decent amount, but it leaked everywhere. Also, if you are doing a heavier wetting whilst sitting, I would recommend having some sort of protection for what you are sitting on (I sit on a trash bag). The diaper has inner leg gathers and outer leg gathers, but it still manages to leak. As for fit, I would say you can wear this if you have up to maybe a 34" waist.
    As for messing capacity, it can hold quite a bit, but probably not a huge blowout.
    In the next two pictures I show what this soaked diaper looks like from the front and back. I took off the cloth like cover on this diaper, and as you can see the colors are way more vibrant.
    Overall for performance I give it a 7/10 due to the high absorbency, so it would be a great diaper to use as a stuffer.
    My overall score for the diaper is 8/10 because it is very cute, has high absorbency, but the leaguards and wicking aren't very good.
    I'll probably post a video review on DPRTube pretty soon (my username there is also luvtowearpampers) so be on the lookout for that.
    Thanks for reading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambus View Post
    good review and nice pics!

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    I just got some Pampers recently on sale. Buy a case, get a case half off. Saved 30 dollars on the total. Not bad. But they only had a small supply of size 6. So I ended up with one box of cruisers and a box of baby dry. Both are pretty good. But the cruisers seem to preform slightly better. Just bothers me that the cruisers seem to stop the padding about 2 inches lower from the back waist band than on other brands. Not sure why that is. But either way, I use them as stuffers.

    If I use one with two doubled up store brand diapers, I can get a good 6 hours without needing a change. And I am a incontinent heavy wetter. But if I want actual overnight protection, I go with the Pampers Easy-Up's 4t-5t training pants. Those hold a butt load and seem to last me 6-8 hours.

    I also like that Pampers has a powder scent to their diapers which is nice. I also notice that it helps with the scent in my diaper area when I use a baby diaper as a soaker. The skin seems to stay drier and doesn't end up with that stale pee kind of smell. Maybe something that's in the baby diapers that is left out of adult diapers. Because if I use just adult diapers, I end up with a stale pee smell down there despite washing well. Anyway, thanks for the review. And enjoy your Pampers!

    -Baby Stanley

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    How well does the Easy-Ups 4t-5t fit? I know with Huggies they don't really fit much anymore and they used to. 32-30 is my waist size

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