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Thread: Have Attends changed???

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    Default Have Attends changed???

    I just renewed my stock of Attends with Waistband. I bought a case at a local pharmacy who orders them for me. Packaging looks the same, but when I pulled one out I immediately noticed a difference to the texture of the plastic backing. Attends have always been one of my favorite diapers, largely due to the babyish feel of the plastic. This new batch feels less babyish and more 'clinical'. As part of my obsession with diapers I keep a duffle bag with one sample of every diaper I've ever worn. I went back to my diaper archive and pulled out my sample of Attends. It certainly seems to me that the diaper has changed.

    Has anyone else noticed this???

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    Well the ones I got had a cloth backing. They had a waistband too. So I don't know how you got plastic at all.
    How big is your archive?

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    I have about twenty disposables that I have kept one sample. I've tried more different brands, but I didn't get the idea to keep a sample until later. Also, I only keep what I like. Kinda anal, I know. But I figure that one day I'll break that stash and have a week of fun!

    Sorry to double-post, but I forgot to address the plastic vs cloth. Attends makes both. The clothlike ones are called 'Attends Breezers'. And, yes, they are in my archive. Attends also makes several different plastic backed diapers, of which 'Attends with Wasteband' are my favorite. They have three tapes per side, great fit and thickness, and nice babyish plastic. At least up until recently, I think.
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    Butterfly Mage


    They've gotten progressively worse over a ten year period.

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    Agreed, they have gone quite downhill as of late. All that I can find now are the cloth backed "Breathables" which seem to be almost a clone of the CVS brand with similar quality, but at near twice the price. I bought a pack of those recently, I still have some left and I'll suffice it to say that they will likely be sitting in my dresser drawer for quite some time to come.

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    "Have attends changed?"

    I'm surprised nobody's jumped in with a 'yes please'. (Couldn't resist.)

    Though I've never worn them, let alone seen them, the internet banter I've seen over that brand used to be mostly positive, and has shifted to mostly negative. I wonder if they'll get better.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Put it this way: Attends from ten years ago were over twice as thick, twice as absorbant, but tthe SAME price. I wear them only when I know I'm going to be channge my diaper soon -- like when I go to the gym. They're just about worthless for people who are actually incontinent since they can only take one wetting and they start bunching and sagging. They didn't used to be that way.

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    Attends were my first adult diaper and back when I started buying them, they were really good for the price and availability. They were reliable and discreet, although certainly not as good as the heavy duty products available currently. After the first couple purchases of the new kind, I was too disappointed with them and I slowed down my usage and used more cloth. Then I saw that Depends had changed their style and made general improvements (no longer minty green, for one thing). Although certainly not as good as old Attends, I liked them better than the new ones.

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    yes Attends have changed.
    but not for the better.
    every since they started being made by Paper Pak instead or P&G
    their not as good of a diaper as they used to be.
    now their not much better then depends or store brands.
    I wish the people at Paper Pak would come to their siences and restore Attends to it's former glory.

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    At xpmedical:

    XP Medical - Attends Adult Diapers

    I get Attends from there and while I've noticed somewhat of a change in quality, for the most part they're as good as they always have been for me. Note: I'm talking about the ones with waistband and 6 tapes...the others that I've tried have been total crap.

    I have noticed that initially (straight out of the pack, that is), they don't seem to have the same quality. But, if I take all of them out of the pack and kind of leave them in my closet, they seem to...air out, or get flufflier/thicker. So that's helped for me and made them a lot better.

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