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Thread: A UK nappy - Aidapt - Amazon UK availability & has NE1 tried them?

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    Default A UK nappy - Aidapt - Amazon UK availability & has NE1 tried them?

    Hey everyone - right now on Amazon UK there's a new nappy to try out - and Bleeve U me it's been a long time since I typed 'adult nappies' into the search bar of sed website. The nappies are called Aidapts and it says on the packaging 'Premium Unisex Adult Nappies'...oooh I just love it when it actually says nappies on the packaging (think i've sed that B4 in another post but there U R). I really think they're British as the packaging carries the Union Jack (No, I've never seen that on a pack of nappies B4 I can promise you that!), but there are some conflicting statements about the product within (packaging wise!).

    Designed for unisex use; suitable for men or women
    .Super-absorbent fabric is breathable and skin-friendly
    .Anti-bacterial with odour control for peace of mind
    .Elasticated fit with leak guard and secure fastener for confidence
    .Full protection for bladder and bowel incontinence

    So premium and breathable already - a cloth-backed nappy? but then there's this bit as well...

    The Aidapt anti-bacterial adult nappy (Diaper) is designed to be worn by men or women and features super-absorbent fibre for even absorption and comfort. The breathable, skin friendly adult diaper will keep skin dry and comfortable while the secure, re-fastenable tape and elastic leg gathering provide a comfortable fit. With other features including wetness indicator, easy tape panel, leak guard and standing leg cuff, plus a soft and dry non-woven surface and odour control, the adult diaper provides full protection for adult incontinence. Available in two sizes, Large and Medium both in packs of 10.

    Non-woven, is that plastic backed? I really have forgotten I'm afraid! So has anyone tried these? i wait to hear from you all. bringmesunshine
    p.s in a connected note Seni nappies (which I sort-of reviewed recently (go hunting plz)) are avay' via Amazon UK.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And Medi-slip Slips (gettable) as well...all info gr8ly ap-pre-she-ay!

    - - - Updated - - -

    These are also avay' on Amazon UK - Patterson Medical Super Absorbency 2400ml Medium Classic Fit Unisex All-in-One Briefs - Amazon UK's a freaking goldmine 2day! p.s These R defo' plastic-backed!!!!!!!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    iD Expert Slip Medium Extra Plus (formerly Euron Form Medium Extra Plus) pack of 28 - these R avay' if U don't want the green ones!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Senset Premium All-In-One Briefs - Medium (PK15) - and these!

    - - - Updated - - -

    iD Expert Slip Medium Normal (formerly Euron Form Medium Ultra) pack of 28 - and these! p.s myself - I'd double them up!

    - - - Updated - - -

    And finally these - Immobile All-in-one Medium - 1 x 15 - I'm feeling all nappied out! bringmesunshine

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    Quote Originally Posted by bringmesunshine View Post
    Non-woven, is that plastic backed?
    I think they just say that to make it clear that the nappies don't actually have a cloth back; it's a cloth-like back made of non-woven synthetic fibres.

    It's just a tad confusing since... well... the smooth-plastic backsheets aren't woven either!

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