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Thread: Tranquility Pull Ups Any Good?

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    Default Tranquility Pull Ups Any Good?

    I'd like to try out some Tranquility overnight pull ups but I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with them, and if so, how good are they absorbent/leakguard wise? Also, are they cloth or plastic backed?

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    These may be right up there in absorbency with the Abena Abri-Flex pull-ups, though I've never found them to be nearly as effective since the waterproof backing stops exactly where the pad does. As a result, I leak every time. That said, I know they're a favorite of many, so you're just going to have to try them for yourself and see. It would help if you're female, for sure.

    As for whether they're cloth- or plastic-backed, I've never heard of a plastic-backed pull-up. :-)


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    They have a great peach mat that keeps skin dry. If it were me O would put plastic pants pm over them with a Gerber pre-fold to soak up any leaks. For daytime I use plastic pants with the waist area made from terry so it breathes better and stink does not collect in there. I wore a Tena for women last night with a booster and cloth and plastic and had no leaks. I did not flood though and I am a petite woman. Before I started using plastic and prefolds to catch leaks I was leaking every day since I wear pull-ups all the time. I do not think the overnight samples I tried ever leaked, but I did not like the info in the above review about not much waterproofing. The pad is larger than most pull-ups that I've tried.

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    I think that they are pretty good. You're not going to get the same amount of containment as a tape up. But they are absorbent. I have to be careful to get the leg gathers in the right spot or they might leak.

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