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Thread: Telling your parents you wet the bed

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    Unhappy Telling your parents you wet the bed

    Has anyone ever had your parents find your diapers and then told them you wet the bed in order to explain why you have them?

    This happend to me a few years ago and now my parents think I wet the bed. The down side was that they had me go to the doctor, who did some tests (bladder ultrasound) and gave me some meds. The up side is that now my mom buys me diapers and I don't have to conceal them anymore.

    I feel bad though because I lied to my parents and now my mom is spending money on diapers that I don't really need. I really don't know if there was any other way out of this situation other than the bedwetting card.

    (Wasn't sure where to post this so forgive me if this is the wrong place.)

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    How about wearing the diapers that mom buys you, but not wetting them for a few weeks? You could go from wetting regularly, to wetting occasionally, to wetting rarely, to not at all. Tell mom that you've been doing well and you'd like to try a night without diapers. As for the meds: Do not take them. They can have serious side effects. You shouldn't take any meds you do not need. Tell mom that the meds give you a stomach ache or something and you havn't been taking them. If you 'stop' wetting in this way, that will get you off the meds and the diapers.

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    Well, these things start for no apparent reason and also stop for no apparent reason. If you feel bad about it you could always "stop". The downside of course is that you won't be able to wear openly.

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    That's a wonderful idea Puff. Although I don't like lying to cancel lying it's sound - and your parents will be really happy to stop spending money on diapers.

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    Dont say the meds don't work, it means more doctor visits, and more money being spent... Just start "growing out of it"

    Its pretty simple..... than just wet every few nights so you can keep some diapers. XP

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    Well, if you plan to tell them that you are ok now and that you don't need diapers anymore, you better be more careful with your diapers, 'cause if they bust you one more time, you won't get away that easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    Or you can just go to them and tell them the truth.
    "MOM! DAD! I don't wet the bed I wanted you to buy them so I could satisfy some strange fetish k thx BAI noobs lolol"

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    My dad asked me if it was because I was wetting the bed when he talked to me about finding my diapers. But I told him the truth, and he understood and treated me as no less of a son.

    So, I have been fortunate to not have to lie to my parents and things turned out fine, though sadly not everyones parents are as accepting as mine.

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