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Thread: Best Scrubs to wear with

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    Default Best Scrubs to wear with

    I'm needing some advice.. I'm going to Medical Assisting classes and I was wondering if anyone could give me pointers on what brand of scrubs is the best to wear with.

    Thanks Everyone

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    I have had friends in the medical field, they don't mind or care if you are wearing a diaper, as long as you don't soil it, it shouldn't be a big deal, just be discreet, and act normal

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    Im currently working in the medical field. Still studying full time but i am actually working through different departments in the hospitals throughout this year and next year before i graduate. There isn't any specific brand to wear that will conceal your wearing. I think the thing to consider is why are you wearing around patients? Personally i haven't been wearing at work because i feel a bit weird wearing around patients. That being said i have started wearing only twice for a comfort for myself (on days where i have felt i needed to) and i ensured that it was not obvious to patients and it has been in situations where i am not too concerned about it being exposed (in the sense that i can be sure that it won't show).

    That being said if you need to wear for medical reasons then it is reasonable to do so. But i think the same rules apply. Try to ensure you are being as discreet as possible and no one will take much notice.

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    Don't. If you don't wear for need, my advice is to not wear with scrubs. Scrubs don't really hide anything. Also, if you're in the medical field, you know that you'll be on your feet and a diaper isn't great for that. Most hospital scrubs are super thin. But even brands like Dickies won't hide it well enough. Plus I don't want to have to worry about people finding out while I have other things to worry about.

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    Don't scrub shirts come down over the diaper area anyhow? I'd just get a top that was long and printed or darker so nothing can be seen underneath. I sewed my own skirts and wore with my scrub tops when I was a CNA and I will do it again and wear underneath if I ever do that again.

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    Depends on size.... Also some scrub pants have side wide open which may expose diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoredBoy View Post
    you know that you'll be on your feet and a diaper isn't great for that
    Why? I'd say sitting and active are the two worst diaper behaviors, standing more-or-less still seems to be pretty diaper-friendly?

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    Having been in Biomedical field for 19+years, I can rightfully say that there is no such thing as "good comfortable" scrubs. You get one or the other, very rarely both at a price that you can afford on MA pay. My problem was I am a big guy and there is no such thing as Elastic waist bands that stay up or ties that stay tight. And color matters also. Some color scrubs you might as well wear your underwear on the outside because everyone will know what color they are.

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