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    Early in 2015, I might be able to attend my first furry convention. I'm just curious as to what they are like.

    What are some stories everyone has about going to a convention? What's it like? Just in case each convention is different, this one will be the Texas Furry Fiesta. What are some of the different activies that happen at conventions?

    I've been checking the site every so often now, and there isn't a full schedule yet.

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    I still feel a little new at it all but I think that's mostly because for the first several years, I was just a well-wisher rather than a participant. My participation is still pretty low-key but being involved is a little different. I would guess that since you like costumes, there would be a decent payoff in attending just to see the suits. I found panels on suit construction fascinating even though I don't have much real likelihood of putting the information to practical use. Those seem pretty standard fare.

    I think the most important thing in having a really good time at one of these is to be at least somewhat plugged into the social network. Go with a friend or friends if possible so you can make your own fun during the dead spaces. Try to find people ahead of time that you'd like to meet or hang out with. If you're inclined to parties (and you probably should be if you're going to get the most out of these things), find out who is hosting and where. Babyfur parties (their prevalence varies by con) range from the low-key to extreme, so choose your comfort level accordingly and keep your wits about you. It should be a great time with a little prep

    Final thought: if you're planning on getting any artwork done, bring references (either print or digital) in case there's no wifi available in the dealer's area.

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    I've been going to conventions for over 10 years, and staffing them for the better part of 5 years. In reality, whether it be furry, anime, or gaming...they are basically variations on a theme.

    Basically it's a gathering a geeks with a common interest and reveling in it. There are panel events discussing things (perhaps fursuit making in your case), fun activities such as dances, dressing up as characters...and spending an ass ton of money haha.

    There a number of members here I know that have been to Furry Fiesta. It's way way more fun attending with friends than by yourself. That's really one of the biggest joys to me anyway. I'd meet up with them if you can there if you don't have anyone to go with you.

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