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    I ordered a couple of cases a while back and never posted my comments. The first one I tried, the tapes broke off, and I put them on the back shelf and never picked them up again. Since I was running low on Bambinos, I decided to give one another try.

    The medium fits me perfectly ( 35" waist 170 lbs.). The plastic front panel works as well or possibly better that the Bambino. You can re-tape a couple of time and they still hold well.

    I went out last night wine tasting last night and decided to use Quadro (Booster Pad) liner. Before I put my jeans on, I thought it would be impossible to conceal all of the bulk. That turned out to not true. I don't ware really tight or baggy jeans, they are just snug. I wore a short light weight knit Nordstrom Tee that came down just past my belt line.

    You would think I would have looked over stuffed, but not true, It was not the least bit obvious.

    My friends and I did return to my place for a last glass of wine, and no one was the wiser. The people I was with are good friends, but if they would have noticed something, especially after a few drinks, they would have joked unmercifully (in a friendly way).

    Wearability: 10
    I wore it during from 6:00 to 12:00 (total 6 hours) while I was drinking. I am not sure about everyone else, but I pee much more when I drink (even wine). When I got home, I was ready to change, but I did not have any leaks even while I was sitting in a bar and a booth for most of the evening.
    They are very comfortable, sufficient padding to make you feel safe and comfortable, and when wet, the swell up a little, but not so much as to produce “tell-tale” signs.

    Noisy: Loud for the first 10 minutes then body heat make it quite.

    Pricing: If you are on a budget, for get it, they are expensive, and so is the shipping.

    The only diaper that is comparable in my opinion is the Bambino Bianco. If you have seen any of my posts, you know I prefer Bambinos over any other disposable product. They are local, have a great product, I receive shipping the next day, they respond to every email I send promptly.

    Final Answer: I really like the Comficare diapers, and I will continue to order them once in a while just for a fun change. But, they is no substitute for Bambino, none!

    If you have the extra bucks, give them a try, but be patient, it takes a couple of weeks to get the to the states, in my case Northern California).

    Anyone else have s similar or bad experience?

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    that person is also selling medium samples as well as medium dc amore 2 and 8 pks in medium only. the 8pk on the dca's is a pretty good deal.

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    Rearz gave me a free sample and I LOVED it; think it's the best diaper I've worn not called Tena Slip Maxi. Would absolutely recommend.

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    I already gave my opinion on these and they are my #1 favourite diaper. Great absorbency, nice tapes (as long as you don't refasten too much), I love the fit (not too high in the back), etc.

    The only negative thing I could say would be the sizing :
    Medium size is a bit smaller than usual medium (let's say if you compare to a Molicare medium). So I'm a bit between medium and large size.

    I agree, they are wearable for outdoors with a nice lousy pants. But, they tend to bulk. Nothing obvious for the others to see, however, depending on how I fasten the diaper, the increase in size had sometimes put weights on the tabs leaving marks on my skin. So, I try to be sure that the diaper fits a tiny bit loosely, so, as it expands, I still have plenty of room.

    Also, no leaks. Ever. Unless I forgot to change.

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