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Thread: New diaper record!

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    Default New diaper record!

    Doesn't happen to me often but I hit a new maximum capacity record last night.

    Using one medium 24/7 and two ultimate total dry boost ups, I woke up with a 2.7 liter diaper, almost 6 pounds! It was at its limit and made a quarter sized leak when I sat on it but otherwise didn't press out. How impressive.

    Truly sleeping in safety :-)

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    Figured I was the only one that weighed diapers in the morning. Subtracting dry weight, my record is a bit under four pounds, way short of yours. Congratulations you did good!

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    Default New diaper record!

    Mine includes diaper weight. Before this I had a large Bellissimo take 2.5 liters without boosters. But only once as every other time they got leaky after 2 liters.

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    Woah. Hit 3.3 liters last night but came with a sizable leak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BouncyBoy View Post
    Woah. Hit 3.3 liters last night but came with a sizable leak.
    What position, lying down in bed?

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    I had a similar experience in a large 24/7 with two Abena maxi boosters. I don't weigh before/after, but the absorbency was insane! I gave up long before the diaper did, no leaks!

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    Wow I'm on a role. Last night I got to 3.58 liters. It took a medium 24/7 with 4 Ultimate Total Dry Boost Ups. No leaks!

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