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    Hello! I'm a long-timer lurker, first time poster. I've been a DL since I was a very young child, and used to pester mother dear into buying nappies for me as a kid. I'm british, and a graduate student (in the last year of my PhD). I'm a medical physicist, and work on trying to diagnose nasty diseases earlier than they can currently be seen in the clinic.

    My (lovely!) partner recently found out about my fetish -- I didn't actually have the guts to tell her, but I had to run away to get a train in a hurry and, er, left some images open on the computer in our flat that perhaps I should have closed. She's very understanding, and has asked me questions that I'm not entirely sure I'm able to answer -- so I'd like to ask some of you them!

    I'm a massive nerd, and I particularly love role-playing games (Planescape & Baldur's Gate, I'm looking at you). I'm also an organist, a choral singer, and a semi-professional classical musician. Oh, and I really like cats!

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