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Thread: Has any other bedwetters gone back to what they wore as a kid?

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    Default Has any other bedwetters gone back to what they wore as a kid?

    As a kid who bedwetted until 13, I wore goodnites. Now that I'm wearing diapers by choice, I've gone back to goodnites since I still fit in them. Partially because there is an emotional attachment, partially because they're cheaper than adult diapers. Anyone else done something like this?

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    Well, when I was a kid (12 years), they didm't have disposables (or even adult disposables). I wore cloth pre-folds with plastic pants. To the point, I still use cloth diapers at night. And if it was convenient enough, I would wear them day too.. The problem is that cloth are a ton of extra work. Washing, drying, diaper pails, and pins. I found the balance in using cloth during the night, and disposable Bambinos.

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    Cloth was the usual when I was 4. When I started wearing I bought the baby pre-folds right away on my first order. I ended up using them as boosters inside or between the disposable and plastic pants in the day time to catch stray leaks. I use pull-ups during the day, usually adult underwear but I do fit the good Nites they just do not feel right and even though I love the girly design I never wore them as a kid so I do not really like them except for discreetness. I think I wore Good Nite to my wedding.

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    At the time I was a kid it was cloth and plastic pants i still use those and disposables too.
    Its what mood I'm in at the time.:-)

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    I wear what I wore as a kid. Cloth diapers and plastic pants. Although when I was a little it was rubber pants not plastic.

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    when I'm looking at pictures, I will usually be more attracted to drynite pullups.
    I was a bed wetter for a long time and wore these. They were my go-to for when I decided to buy a pack to wear for fun.
    Not sure I'd buy them again as they are smaller than I remember. Or..I am bigger.

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    I wore skins from saber tooth tigers. They were very scratchy. Not the skins, the tigers!

    Actually, I'm not that old. I wore cloth diapers and rubber pants as a child and went back to those as an adult. Now I've switched to premium disposables simply because that's an easier and more effective solution.

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    I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants all the time other than a vacation some where. Being born in the mid 50s cloth diapers
    were the only thing around.

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    Absolutely. Now as an adult I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants very similar to those I wore as a child for bed-wetting. Not only that, Iíve regressed back to sleep wetting to relive the excitement/trauma of my childhood bed-wetting.

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    I wore goodnites in the 90s to 2012 and then for years stopped wearing diapers because my parents thought i was wetting my bed on purpose comes to find out i am a bed wetter for life so i wear the best brands now bambino of course

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