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Thread: What do you do while wearing?

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    Question What do you do while wearing?

    Figured I'd make my first real thread.

    So, what do you do when you're wearing diapers (aside from using them)? It's just a question I randomly thought of while browsing this forum.

    Trope of the Day: Hyperspace Arsenal (where characters seem to store all of their items in; prevalent in video games)

    I'm experimenting!

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    I do whatever I usually do. Play games, watch movies, smoke, whatever. It used to be a special occasion thing and I'd crossdress or whatever, but (though I haven't been able to do anything much recently) it's pretty much second nature to me now. As long as I'm not gonna be super active (ie sports, conventions, busy work), I'll wear.

    Gotta say tho, its always fun wearing and smoking (though I'd not suggest it, as per forum rules). Super convenient during dungeons in games, too.

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    Usually just play Xbox, listen to music, walk the dog and hang out here.

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    I just do what I normally do. I write a lot, so I'll generally write as I always do while wearing, with the only difference being a (slight) increase in productivity due to a lack of need to stop and use the bathroom.

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    Normally sleep, as I when I occasionally wear, it's always to bed

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    watch tv, be on the internet, draw, color, clean my house, take care of the, a lot :P

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    Work. TV. Pee. Sleep.

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