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Thread: Are baby diapers good diaper stuffers?

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    Default Are baby diapers good diaper stuffers?

    I was wondering if baby diapers were good diaper stuffers. What I'm really looking for is ways to increase the absorbency of my diapers. Stuffing seems to be what most people suggest.

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    I think that baby diapers are GREAT stuffers, as in general they can be pretty dang absorbent. Plus, they are cheaper than traditional stuffers.

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    I like to use baby cloth diapers (prefolds) as stuffers in my adult cloth diapers. Baby disposables can be a bit tricky, though. In addition to sabotaging the plastic backing so that excess urine can penetrate, I like to take scissors and snip the elastic gathers on both sides of the crotch area so that the diaper lays flat. Even then, I find the shape a bit irregular and uncomfortable (for me). If I was to stuff adult disposables with any regularity, I'd probably go with purpose-made booster pads. They wouldn't smell like Pampers, though.

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    I use both baby prefolds and disposables. I prefer the pre-fold cloth so I do not plan to purchase any more disposables once these are gone. I did go for a cheap store brand so not sure about Pampers.

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    I purchased 120 toddler prefolds many years ago from a diaper service company and they work great.

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    any diaper with decent leak guards makes a good stuffer. They either have to fit in between the leak guards on your outer diaper, or have leak guards of their own.

    I'm sitting on most of a case of medium NS that don't fit me well and I've found that cutting them down for stuffers works REALLY well with some cheap Breeyo (Assure) diapers I have a quantity of. I end up with a nice thick diaper, excellent capacity, good fit, and very soft plastic shell. Sort of a "build your own diaper" game. Try to hit all the right buttons.

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    Just to clarify: I use the term "stuffing" when I cut open the disposable diaper, between the liner and the backing, and literally stuff something inside it.

    I use the term "boost" when I lay something on top of the liner without cutting into the diaper.

    That being said, I think baby diapers are great stuffers. I don't like them as boosters because they have the waterproof backing; and cutting them to make them porous doesn't seem to work all that well for me.

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    Hello All,

    I have been using baby diapers (cloth or disposable) to boost absorbancy since I heard of the trick back in 2001. I was using Walgreens store brand diapers back then and they leaked. Sadly I didn't know that MUCH better diapers lay online till 2004 when I switched to Molicare Super Plus. Although my current favorites have to be Unique Wellness Briefs and Abena Level 4.

    On to the topic at hand. Sadly I can't afford my favorite diapers much, so they are used for special times. My main diaper is Wings Choice Plus that my medical insurance covers 120 a month of. They are about the quality of store brand. Being a heavy wetter, I already double up two of the wings diapers, cutting slits in the inner diaper. That system gets me about 3-4 hours before needing a change. During naps and night time I boost with baby diapers.

    For that, I used to use cloth toddler size diapers from Gerber I got at Walmart. At the time I had a apartment with washer dryer hookups so washing the cloth diapers was no problem. When I moved I didn't have that option and the apartment building wash room has a sign that strickly says no washing of cloth diapers allowed. Same with laundry mats. So I switched to using baby diapers as soaker pads.

    My go to brand for years has been Huggies Overnites size 6. They can hold almost one of my full adult wettings all on it's own! Impressive for a diaper intended for a baby. But about 2 months ago I decided to give Pampers Easy-Up's a shot. I was highly impressed. Instead of needing a change in the middle of the night, I can most times make it all night without needing to change till morning.

    As of late though I took advantage of a sale at Rite-aid. Pampers, buy one case, get one half off. I ended up saving 30 dollars after the discount. But they didn't have lots of size 6 cases. At the time they only had one case of "baby dry" and one case of "cruisers. So I got those last two cases. The baby dry is pretty good. But I can say the cruisers holds about 30% more if I had to guess. So after testing them out, I use the Pampers cruisers and baby dry for my naps during the day. And then I use my go to Pampers Easy-Ups for overnight. It's a system I find works best for me.

    Also, I discovered a small perk for me. I don't know about others, but I miss the days of plastic backed baby diapers. I found with both LUVS and Pampers brand diapers, the outer cloth like cover can be pretty easily peeled away leaving the old tried and true plastic backed diaper! Brings back some VERY fond memories for me. I was a TB back in the 90% and plastic backed diapers were the only option back then.

    Some of my best memories is of strapping on a dollar store brand called Fitti and role playing. The diapers had balloons with happy faces on it that when wet the faces would fade. They still have them for sale, but only online here ( I wore them at night for bed wetting problem, but during the day they were for pure fun. But then all the brands went cloth like outer cover in the early 2000's

    So anyway, I was excited to see that on these two brands anyway that the cloth cover could be removed giving me the plastic covered diapers I love so much. So I wanted to share that for anyone who's like me who misses plastic backed baby diapers. And so that's it for me. Thanks for letting me share. Take care and have fun all.

    -Baby Stanley

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