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Thread: My grandmother may have been brainwashed by family members prior to her death; had assets in the 100,000s+ (we were left nothing)

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    Default I just learned that my grandmother, who had an estate and assets in at least the 100,000s may have been brainwashed into manipulating her will

    I just learned that my grandmother, prior to her death, may have been brainwashed by my uncles in our absence (we were in the States at the time, they wouldn't let us speak with her).
    We believe that her will was manipulated, and my sister and I were left with absolutely nothing, because our lawyer (uncle) falsely informed her that she couldn't leave her assets to us because we were minors at the time.

    This is speculation on our behalf; nevertheless, the circumstances were extremely suspect.

    She was on heavy medication, and there are reports that she became distant towards my mother for a time.

    She lived and died for us, because we were the only ones that truly cared about her, and we were robbed; despite her best wishes.
    The indignation I feel is great. I am livid.
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    That sounds extremely unjust. I can see why you're upset. I guess you need a new lawyer now.

    I hope you can do something, but I have no idea if you can, sorry

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    I might be speculating a bit, but it's likely that's what transpired. They would not let us speak with her on the phone. And it was extremely suspect that we were left out completely.

    This was over 10 years ago, in Argentina no less.

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    While that is quite upsetting, it's also in the distant past now. I suggest that there isn't a ton you could do at this point, and bringing it up to anyone involved will likely just raise bad feelings.

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    Edit: or the mods could be super on point and make me look silly with their speed at combining threads. Well played mods. Well played.

    This is somewhat confusing. You should PM a mod to close one of them.

    Anyway, to reiterate my advice from the other version, too much time has passed and I don't think there is anything to be gained from stirring up the issue.

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    I'm now being told by my mother that it's likely that there was no grand conspiracy, not even an actual will...

    She's telling me that my sister has concocted this fantastical tale out of her own recollection of events and speculations.

    EDIT: It's all so confusing, they're playing a game of "he said she said" *exhausted*
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    This is what happens when someone dies intestate. My wife and I made out a will decades ago so that our children would be protected. We're now at the point where we discuss what things would they want, once we're gone. In fact, we beginning to give them some things that we want them to have, like our good china set. Things should be used and enjoyed otherwise they become useless things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    I intend to die penniless and spare my family such difficulties.
    For the purpose of reply: we will conveniently forget about the secret box of gold coins buried in your back yard. You know, the box you dig up every night when you think nobody is looking and spend a fugitive few hours counting out its contents to ensure nobody, my bad.

    Where the total of an estate may be in negative equity, this is no guarantee that your creditors will not squabble over what little assets are contained within. In short, your estate is just as lightly to go before the courts. Cheerfully yours, acorn.

    PS: Mine are spending their inheritance from me before I even acquire it.

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