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Thread: How to Order AB Things Without Getting Caught?

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    Default How to Order AB Things Without Getting Caught?

    I'd like to order an Aww So Cute pacifier and some diapers and other AB things online, but I don't live on my own and I'm wondering how not to get caught. Specifically how to make sure my big box of diapers or pacifier package, etc doesn't get seen between the time it arrives at my house and the time I'm able to retrieve it. I've tried to explain ABDL but it didn't go over well, so secrecy is very necessary here. Any ideas are appreciated.

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    If you mean that they can't see the box at all under any means what-so-ever, then a P.O. box may be your best bet. If you have your own vehicle and license, then that may work our fairly well. Another option, but this is probably not the case for everyone out there, is to use an alternative address, such as if your parents are split and they live in the same city, you could have the box delivered to the residence you're not currently staying at and then go retrieve the package.

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    Don't Us parcel company's do a click and collect or drop at a local 7/11 type shop ?
    Here in uk there's many different ways

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    I recently ordered stuff addressed to a local UPS store (they charged $10 per packages, this varies per store), so you could email or call a local one to find out if they offer a service (called hold for pickup).

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    There have been several threads on this topic and I think the general consensus is there isn't an easy way especially if you don't have a car to drive and even if you do you might be better off buying store brand diapers until you have a place on your own. I know not something you really want to hear but I' just telling it like it is. That being said your best option is to get a p.o. box though that involves rent by the year on top of the cost of the diapers themselves. Another thing you might try is on the special comments section many of these websites have for delivery address you might try telling them t only deliver at times where you are the only one home. If that doesn't work you can also try sending it to a friends house who might be better able to get mail without anyone else seeing it though that raises the obvious problem of bringing said friend in on the whole thing. I would absolutely advise against sending it to an address of someone you don't know because while you are unlikely to get caught picking it up you are trespassing and tampering with mail which is a felony (the again pirating music and smoking pot is a felony too). Also just general tips for this kind of thing be sure not to use any traceable source of income or if you do a traceable source that only you have access to for example if you use your "for emergencies" credit card your parents might see the charge on there and ask questions especially if the order comes from aww so cute. I like to go to walmart and load up a prepaid visa gift card when I do my ab/dl purchasing and I don't take all of the money out at once only in small bits so nothing looks suspicious (then again I get paranoid about these kinds of things so I might be going overboard) along these same lines go ahead and use a fake name so nobody has 100% positive proof they are for you though they can probably assume so. Also before you even order them make sure you already have a place picked it to hide them when they do arrive they aren't just sitting in your room for the whole world to see. Finally if you do go through with it have a plan for everything that can go wrong just to be prepared and remember that throwing the stash away is probably better than getting caught with it. I know it might seem like overkill but the most likely chance of you being discovered is when you are getting the diapers and when you are getting rid of them

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    Go with a PO box. You will need to show proof that you have an actual street address.

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    some places will not ship to po boxes because they don't use usps. If that ever happens, you can always have it shipped to a UPS or Fedex store. They do what is called "hold for pickup." They will charge you a $5 fee for holding it, but any service will leave it there, make sure you have a phone number included on the package.

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    I would suggest doing a UPS choice account but its stupidly hard and you're better off going to a UPS store, spending the money on a box for 3 months JUST to get your AB stuff. Now, where do you hide it?

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