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Thread: Taking the big plunge and building my sissyfur nursery!

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    Red face Taking the big plunge and building my sissyfur nursery!

    Well as you all know, I've been having some problems lately, mostly mama drama and some closet skeletons, but you know what, I pulled through and now I'm breaking through! I have quit worrying about all the drama and accepted myself as the little sissyfur I really am, a helpless baby fox who needs to be trained as a sissy. As all of you know, this is nonsexual for me, and I'm okay with being the one percent. I have started to move away from my basement nursery and started to move into our old storage room, that will be my nursery. I already took some cash from my savings account and will start outfitting my nursery soon. The reason I came here is because I need some suggestions for my nursery and how to make it littler, any ideas?

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    I'm glad you pulled through and are feeling better about things.

    For ideas: wall stickers, posters, plushies, toy box, etc.

    I would suggest going to a Baby's R Us or the baby/toddler areas of large stores and look at what they are selling. I'm sure you will fine something to your liking.

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    A large toddler or kid themed blankie would be nice. I've thought about one for myself. I'm not sure how the wife would accept that, but I think she would as long as it got put away when we had company.

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    Thanks for the responses, I haven't been on much since I'm starting to paint the room, I choose a nice blue color that really complements the room

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    I think plushies are a must-have, and in the case of anyone with a Fursona, animal plushies in particular. I'd really recommend Squishables - they're expensive, but just about the cuddliest plush toys imaginable. Also, the suggestions above are all good - toddlerish blankets, wall stickers etc..

    I'd also consider getting a baby projector. One of the ones that projects light or patterns onto the ceiling (a lot of them play relaxing music, as well). They're a brilliant way to get yourself into a little headspace, especially as part of an AB/Furry nursery. A little cuddle blanket is nice, as well - I've got several of the Taggies blankets, and they're lovely to just curl up with, or hold when you're watching little shows (perfect after lots of playing in your nursery! ).

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    Squishables, I've heard of those, aren't they those cute round plushies, or are those something else. I'm looking for a fox plushie actually, something not too styleized,but also not too realistic looking, any ideas. On the topic of baby projectors, I had a really nice fish crib toy when I was a baby that I would like to have again, I think my moms boyfreind at the time sold it for beer, he was a dick when it comes down to it, I had this crib toy in about 1992-1993 if that helps at all. Should I put a tv in my nursery or not, I have my childhood tv in the basement along with a VCR and several kids shows on VHS (PB&J Otter, Madeline, Stanley, etc) that I recorded of playhouse disney at the turn of the century.

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    Squishables! I didn't know them but they are so cute! I want them too!!
    And there are also stuffed toys that have patterns on them that glow in the dark they are really cute too!

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    Kitter, if you're in the states you might want to look at Dollar General... they have these great off-brand fox plushies that are probably loosely based on the "Sofia the First" Disney Characters. Was thinking of picking up one myself... they are SO cute!

    If you're building a sissyfur nursery, you're going to want to look at more girlie decorations, you know, all pink and delicate looking. If your storage room has a window, maybe some of those flowy sheer curtains?

    For a fur nursery I would also definitely look into those vintage meyercord decals to put on your crib, high chair, etc. I grew up with those on some of my grandparents' furniture and there are SO many animal ones... I still love looking at them!

    May I also suggest an Angelina Ballerina doll? I know she's been around since at least 1998...

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    I am in the states, upper Indiana to be exact, dollar general is VERY common around here, there are 2 stores less than ten miles apart, I think you get the picture, dollar general=common, end of story. As for the fox plushies, I haven't been to a dollar general in about 5 years, I'm sure they've changed since 2009 and would probably have the fox plushie I'm after, if you don't mind me asking, are you also in the Midwest, I assume so but I'm not sure. On a side note, I've been secretly watching Sofia The First on demand (I use comcast and think Netflix is overpriced, don't judge), and I must say, it is one of the best cartoons on nowadays. I am looking for some girly decorations, kitter is very delicate and gental, so I think its fitting to get some girly decor, but I am not sure where I would look. My storage room has one small window, and one huge window, I would really like to get some girly curtains, do you think Walmart would have some? Meyercord, I absolutely LOVE those decals, I need to pick some up on etsy when I buy my Drive jacket (the pleated silk jacket with the gold scorpion on the back), thanks for the suggestion, I almost forgot those existed. I'm going for kind of a 1940's or 1950's nursery look, I don't know why, I just think it fits with kitters personality, so if you have any more ideas, I'd like to know.

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