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Thread: I have just realized the amazingness of a warm diaper

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    Default I have just realized the amazingness of a warm diaper

    So yeah. I've finally managed to feel cozy and warm in a diaper.

    Before, when I would pee, if always ended up feeling clammy and cold.

    Now it actually feels cozy and warm.


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    What?! You're not going to share the recipe? That's like saying, "Lima beans normally disgust me, but now they taste great!!" and leaving it at that.

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    Lol. If you insist.

    Either wet standing up or sitting down, preferably flooding the diaper all at once.

    If standing up, sit down after doing so.

    The diaper should be warm as the pee absorbs.


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    It's a lovely feeling while it's warm. Once it gets cold and clammy not so much. But then changing from a cold, soggy diaper into a fresh one feels even better.
    The circle of life.....

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    Of course, heavy diapers with lots of sap don't really get cold and clammy. They stay warm from the insulation.

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    Hmmmmm hard to get a cold clammy one here. Maybe if I pull it down wet and then try to put it back on.

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    Yip I agree it's a great feeling tho it's also nice to get changed into a fresh diaper again

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    For me I find that Abenas tend to get cold quickly. I just have to keep wetting them to keep the warmth ^__^

    Tenas stay warm for me a bit longer, and also goodnites.

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    I gotta stop judging using Depends as a benchmark. Lol.

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