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Thread: Sleeping in the dark.

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    Default Sleeping in the dark.

    I'm not certain, but I would say my ABDL side and my dislike of the dark are connected. I could never manage, nor would ever choose to sleep in the dark. All my life I've either had a nightlight on, kept an upstairs light on dimly, or used something like my glow-in-the-dark plushie seahorse until I fell fast asleep. So, anyone else really dislike the dark? Is this a common AB feeling, or is it just me who needs some comforting light during my bedtime?

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    Strangely, i'm a little more keen to the dark. My room has no windows, and the room outside of it has no windows, and the room outside of that has curtains to the only source of light for that whole room. I live in a warehouse, so yeah. I do get a little light from some of my electronics, and that is enough for me. I sleep best though when I have very little light.

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    I think less light is better. With the night light I think I wake up more.

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    I'm on the "Dark Side" when it comes to sleeping. I can't sleep at all if there is a light on. In my room, I put up those "Eclipse" Curtains (curtains designed to block most of the light) to help cover the windows. Even during the middle of the day, it's pretty dim inside the room.

    It's different for everyone. I need absolute darkness to be able to get a good nights sleep, and a cousin that's my age, and we grew up together can't sleep unless there is a light on. He's still scared of the dark...something that myself and other family members use to our advantage when playing pranks on him. But anyway, you can image the fights we had growing up together when one of us would sleep over at the other's house.

    It was easier for me to sleep with some light on, when I was younger. But now I can't do it. When staying in a hotel, I have to make sure that I'm sleeping in a bed that doesn't have any view of the door, since there is always light to be seen coming under the door from the hallway. There's been times, I've had to pile clothes by the door to block the light. I also have to make sure that I close the curtains, to make it dark. Several years back, I remember that I had to get a sleep mask to actually be able to sleep at this one place I was staying, because I didn't have a way to block out the lights that were coming through the windows.

    I have a similar experience with noise. I have some hearing loss. Some frequencies are very hard for me to hear, and others come in loud and clear. I grew up on a farm out in the country, and there wasn't any traffic or city noise at night. When I first moved into a city, and went to college; I had to buy ear plugs to be able to sleep. Others were used to the background noise of the cars and traffic; but to me it just kept me awake at night.

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    I find it really hard not to sleep without a nightlight but only by myself. If I'm with a friend or something I have no issue no matter how hard it is. I guess I just feel safer with someone else there. In the end I think most people are more afraid of what is or could be in the dark than the dark itself. There's just something unnerving about not being able to see around you.

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    I had night terrors as a kid and was terrified at night. I'm not sure if one, especially a young kid, can see "dead people", but if that's possible, I may have been one of them. I and my college roommate, did eventually see a full figured ghost by using a Ouija board. Regardless, I was terrified at night, but I eventually outgrew it.

    I can sleep though almost anything now. At night, my wife's dialysis machine is running, and it has a big, glowing touch screen. She sleeps poorly and often has soft music playing from one of those cable music channels. Even with a CPAP mask on my face, I'm asleep usually in 15 minutes.

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    I sleep with a Peter Rabbit night light, but truth is, I could sleep with pitch black.

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    Growing up my mother would leave a nightlight on in my room. I abandoned the practice when I got older, but eventually came back to leaving on a light source on most occasions. The other night however I forgot to turn it on, and was too lazy to get up, so went without. After a moment or two of hesitation I was alright and fell asleep. I think as long as I can at least see the outlines of the stuff in my room I'm OK.

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    I can sleep with or without a light (that is a dim light, not the sun shining in or all lights on). However, once I have slept for a couple of hours and if I wake up, I then need to turn all the lights out to get back to sleep easier. So for me, I turn off all the lights and close my shades when I go to sleep.

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    I much prefer the dark. It's calming. I vaguely remember the first time I slept without a night light and I ended up loving it. No monsters or anything.

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