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Thread: Age of accepting spouse?

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    Default Age of accepting spouse?

    There's been a lot of talk here lately (maybe always) about how spouses react to our ABDL-ism. Some are accepting immediately, some come around, while others want absolutely nothing to do with it.

    But I'd like to run a little social experiment. I'm willing to bet that most of the spouses who are accepting are younger.

    So here's the deal: Please respond to this post by saying how your spouse/SO has reacted to your little kink, with the age of the spouse in question.

    I'm very curious.


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    63, heh. Immediately fully accepting. We have been married for 42 years, but not intimate for the last 14 (separate bedrooms) so maybe this does not count.

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    She's 29, (as am I) and HATES it. But we've managed to keep our marriage together. (so far, right?)

    Someone else pointed to another and (IMO) more important factor, and that is how much your spouse has either been exposed to diapers. For example, because my wife grew up babysitting babies, working in the church nursery, and so on. It's the last thing behavior pattern she wants a husband involved it. And I think you'd see a similar attitude from a spouse that was a caregiver or nurse. Conversely, I've never had to deal with anybodys diapers except for my own, so I can't understand why anyone would not want to wear.

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    My wife was not my wife when I told her at 31, now my wife at 36 she is accepting. I should say I'm a DL not AB. She has accepted it and even wears herself on occasion. She rarely uses them but she does like the feeling and occasionally she will wet for me as it turns me on. Sorry if that was TMI. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by polarbear12 View Post
    Sorry if that was TMI. :-)
    Your avatar could not have captured the moment better!

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    Me and Ms. NapsALot (not her real name, sadly) aren't married, but we've been together long enough that I feel qualified to answer this. She's 26 - and though I wouldn't say she has a strong AB side, she genuinely enjoys doing some Caretaker things for me.

    She likes reading me baby books, talking to me as a Little and tucking me into bed with my plushies. Interestingly, she finds the mothering side relaxing, in a similar way to how I feel close and comforted when in my Little headspace. The DL side of ABDL seems to gross her out a bit - which I totally accept. I appreciate that I'm fortunate to have someone who's understanding and encouraging about certain ABDL activities.

    I genuinely feel for ABDLs when they have someone whom they have a deep love and connection with, but that partner sees ABDL as a negative or repelling attribute. I can only imagine how frustrating and difficult that could be.

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    My husband is very accepting and encouraging but does not enjoy diapers for himself. He just says he likes it when I wet. He is 53.

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    My spouse is 24 and very accepting and wears diapers too. My prior relationship was also accepting (age 24) but did not want to wear as much.

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    My wife is 30 and and knew about my abdl side before we were married (that was 21) she accepts it and will sometimes wear for me usually if i do some chores around the house. We don't make a huge deal about it either so that may have helped some.

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    My wife was accepting when I told her when we were both 27.

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