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Thread: What am I looking for?

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    Default What am I looking for?

    I have an idea in mind for a type of diaper I would love to try but I'm not sure if it exists, or what it is called.

    I love disposable diapers, they're just so convenient and easy, but I would like to give cloth a go. Now I'm not interested in full cloth diapers because I still live with my parents so they would be harder to conceal. However, I wondered if there was a cloth diaper which could be worn discreetly under normal clothes and can absorb small leaks without the risk of leaks.

    Does anyone now if these exist or if I've just made it up?

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    I think what you're looking for is adult training pants. You can find those at places like,,, and many others. Is that what you're after?


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    I have two great pairs of training pants from You might give them a try they are discrete and have their own waterproof backing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leicesterfan View Post
    Does anyone now if these exist or if I've just made it up?
    Here's a link

    I have a set of the plain white, thick style. very nice.

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