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Thread: What do I do and how. (Loneliness)

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    Default What do I do and how. (Loneliness)

    So I am posting this in mature topics because I need serious help.

    So lately I have become disconnected but to an extreme point I have never experienced. The root honestly comes from not having a best friend that really cares. I mean like someone to talked to everyday and actually wants to talk to me.

    It has affected every aspect of my life. I dint seem to care or want to try to care. I get friends that tell me I am mean and an Ass now a days. But I want to care so bad. Even this post is pointless to me and I am having to force my self to type it

    I honestly just want someone. I am not sure in what way and I am so lost.

    Ughh.. I'm so confused.

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    Hey been there some times we get depressed .
    Is it being into what we are into wearing pampers or what .
    Is or what do you see is getting you down.
    We are here to help .

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    I get it.

    Even though your post was paraphrased and vague, it seems as if you are in a place of constant conflict or have recently seperated from someone. Perhaps this turmoil is with family or is entirely based on other close personal issues but they can be debilitating and quash or minimize other personal interest.

    Personal interests outside of an unbalanced world takes a certain level of energy to persue. When we are constantly defending ourselves or being bombarded with conflict we have little left to run on at the end of the day. This process, when endured long enough, can leave us exhausted and feeling uninspired.

    Many factors can contribute to this; family, work, school, obligations, guilt, partners etc. Sometimes we just perceiveably hit the end of a narrow road. The need for change is insurmountable and dire. We need to feel something different!

    You don't sound depressed. The keyword in your post is 'disconnected'.

    My best advice would be to make a list of what you feel is hindering you, what is bothering you, or what is causing any turmoil. Equally make a list of what things you want to accomplish or experience ahead. Write it down. Sometimes clarity and new energy comes from seeing the contrast. There is always a portal to feeling connected again. Ironically it may take a moment of complete disconnect to see it. A completely private time to sort through your own thoughts. You may find that some of your current associates are toxic and hindering.

    Remember: A good friend is usually only a corner away. Sometimes it takes slowing down a little to recognize it. Simple connections can be easily missed if we are moving too fast or absorbed in our own torment.

    I have had to learn this the hard way. When I was younger I had a poor sense of cues. I later lamented at the opportunities missed because I was merely absorbed in my own goings-on. Perhaps some were better left alone but I only learned of the clues I had missed later.

    If I can offer no other advice other than being philisophical, I would say, with conviction, that this world moves in fluid ways and a hole can suddelnly become a hill. Perspective can change everything.

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