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Thread: Dilemma (getting diapers when you live in the country)

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    Question Dilemma (getting diapers when you live in the country)

    So, my family and I recently moved out to the country. The nearest store is at least 15 miles away. So I am officially screwed. I dont possibly know how I am going to get ahold of some more diapers. My stash is running really low. I hope I dont have to wait 2 years till I can drive until I get some more. That would suck big time. I am asking for some options...

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    Order online, walk, bike. If you want them that bad you will find a way to get to the store. I do suggest, however, to use the search function, I'm sure there are tons more topics on this issue.

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    wow you guys are fast to answer...impressive

    Yeah there aint no way I can get to the nearest store by bike, walk with enough time my parents not know...too dangerous anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xboxbaby View Post
    wow you guys are fast to answer...impressive
    Fast? No. We are just active... At times.
    But bike will be best bet.

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    ([rips his fur out] Urgh...sorry...I have a thing about spelling. It's "dilemma," actually. ^-^;; [changes the subject])

    From the sound of things, you don't have too many options to procure padding for yourself. Obviously, you can't quite buy them covertly without sacrificing a lot of time to actually get to the store, and I can understand to how painful it is to come to terms with this fact. There are always alternatives to what you can do to acquire the precious nectar that most infantilists strive for, but I can't vouch personally for any of the possibilities, nor could I recommend them without warning of potential risks in personal privacy.

    In any case, I would recommend searching for some form of transportation that you could utilize to get to the store and purchase diapers, like a bike or something. But I'm not sure of what options you have open to you. In the end, you might have to live for a few years without diapers. Sad and unfortunate, but it's better to stay safe with your secrets than to risk them buying what keeps them going.

    EDIT: Takes me forever to type my responses out. I can see now that biking is out of the equation. ^-^;
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    Did you think about taking a bus? I know it sounds a little crazy but if you plan it out and get a schedule it might work. I definitely agree with HardcoreMickal on this one. It's totally up to you, if you think it's too risky then don't do it, just wait until an opportunity arises later. It sounds like you've made trips like this before, so I think you'll be fine. I hope everything works out and that you find a quick means of transportation.

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    Hmmm So your mail will be put in a post box at the end of your driveway or go to the nearest general store that runs a post office? So anything big and bulky will cause talk? I can only suggest mail-order plastic pants and rigging your own cloth diapers. They'll be shipped in discrete packaging on request... is trying to get into shipping things other than media... You could see if they would put a book & plp's in the same package? In Canada you can get a pre-paid credit card at 15 or 16; Muchmusic has been hawking them for a year now (some of their ads with *bdl content) - I bet MTV has a similar scheme in the USA. You are right - this is a dilemma... Wait! Do you go into town for school? Or are you homeschooled?

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    I do go into town for school. This was a way I was thinking could be easy. I take the bus and I could get off at a stop close to a store. The only thing is I wouldnt be able to get to my real stop then and I would some how have to explain to my parents...I am thinking of a plan to tell them to let me get off at a different stop one day and then they pick me up later...

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    Why don't you just tell them you made some new friends, and one of them lives out near you and your going to walk home from school? May be a far way but if you just tell your parents you really want to keep this kid as a friend, and he walks every day, so you'd try it out to see how hard it is to walk home?

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