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    I'm new to this forum, and in all honesty the AB/DL world. I really only just discovered this side to myself over the summer. It's been a long journey, that's still not even close to done yet, to discovering who I am. The only research I've done on AB/DL is through tumblr and a few brief google searches. I really have no idea on where to start now. Above all else I think I just need to find people who can understand what I'm going through and maybe even guide me or give me advice on what to do or how I should deal with this. There is no one in my personal life who I can talk to about this and I need to be able to find support. I'm excited to start my journey on this forum and hopefully I can get to know some of you!


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    Welcome to Adisc Spaciegirl! I'm fairly new here myself but I can already relate to you, as far as discovering one's self and learning how to go about being an AB/DL. Being new myself I've learned quickly this a friendly and supportive site that talks about ABDL stuff as well as non-ABDL stuff. Maybe you could share a little about yourself so we can get to know you?

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    Hello spaciegirl could you tell us a little bit more about yourself such as hobbies/interests/plans or goals for your future. Welcome to the site!

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    Oh sorry! Completely forgot to add the details about me haha! I'm very artsy, going to school for english and the dream is to be a writer or historian. (adding a double major in history soon! I play viola and I love music so hopefully and I can learn more instruments. I love to sketch, mostly human features though. I absolutely love animals and have been a vegetarian for a while now. I am a little shy but I am very friendly, I pride myself on being charitable and love volunteering. I hope to one day travel the world and hopefully live outside the states one day. If there is anything else you would like to know ask...I'm bad at describing myself haha. Thanks guys!!

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    Hello Spaciegirl
    what sparked your interest in abdl?
    tell us a little more about you.

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    Hi Spaciegirl!

    Welcome to the forum! That's great that you just discovered your AB/DL interest. If you search forum posts, you will see that people find their interests in AB/DL at various stages in their lives. I too have had no one in my personal life to discuss my interest with. I'm still learning how I came about it years ago and love it.

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    Hi and welcome. I'm an older member on this site, but I'm a writer. I have a novel self published on Kindle, and the mother in my story is a historian who wrote and did research for an American historical magazine. At the time, I was thinking of the Smithsonian as her place of employment. It worked well into the story line.

    Writing has been a great catharsis for me, as I started writing seriously when I was in college. I was professionally published, in poetry. I have a couple of stories on this site: "The Un-training of Stanley Kaminski" and "Coffee Stop". They were fun to write and have some interesting things to say about who we are as people.

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