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Thread: Tis the Season for Halloween

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    Default Tis the Season for Halloween

    Halloween is almost here. I'm a big fan of the holiday, and scary things in general. I'll watch horror movies year-round, read creepy stories, listen to creepy stories, listen to Halloween podcasts, etc.

    For anyone else that enjoys this spooky holiday, how do you get into the Halloween spirit?

    Do you read scary stories, go to haunted houses, listen to ghost stories, listen to Halloween podcasts, watch horror / Halloween movies, etc?

    For me I admit that during this time of year, my movie watching will increase, if my time permits it. I'll also read and listen to more scary stories and podcasts than I normally do.

    I also do some craft making during the year. I'm making things to be put into sort of a mini haunted house that I do here at my home. I've got quite a few props that I've made myself, that I'm pretty proud of.

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    Yeah, I try to watch a number of scary movies on TV. Saturday my wife and I watched one of my all time favorites, "The Haunting" made in 1964. The acting between the two main female characters is great. Interestingly, you never actually see a ghost, but the suspense created is amazing. I love the set, the old mansion, designed by the sick and twisted mind of Hugh Crane.

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    Same as Dogboy, really - watch some classic horror movies. Won't be getting dressed up, as I'm a bit lazy for Halloween fancy dress, unless I'm off to a big Halloween party (which I'm not this year). Tends to be a quiet one round here, as there's fairly few kids in my neighbourhood - that said, I'm not complaining. Means I don't have to answer the door every 40 seconds.

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