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    Default Hope everything works out

    Well tomorrow i will be calling my health insurance threw medicare to make sure that they wont change it like they said the would next year. Making it to where i will have to pay for all my meds and stuff please everyone get me in your thoughts tomorrow that this goes well and i can keep my medical insurance threw social security since i am on SSDI

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    Absolutely! I pray that they continue to pay for your meds. Otherwise I will have to add you to my insurance. Then you would have to fly just to see a doctor. Why do they pay for mine when I do not meed it and threaten not to pay for those who do? How about no co-pays for anyone under 18? Then most of us can just go to the doctor free as our AB age.

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    I'll pray for you zackiepooh. My wife and I have had our ups and downs with hospitalization coverages. After my wife's below the knee amputation, Medicare would pay for either a new wheel chair or a new walker, but not both. We had them cover the wheelchair as it was a lot more expensive. Medicare and our private hospitalization coverage will pay for most of her medications, but not some of the expensive ones. We constantly have to keep reports to justify that she still needs things like insulin. It makes me mad because what type A diabetic is suddenly not diabetic unless they get a pancreas transplant.

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    I really wish you well and I hope things work out for you. Let us know what happens.

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    My friends at work helped me so glad there are good people in this world!

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