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Thread: More online store selling footies

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    Default More online store selling footies

    I know that you're thinking... Oh noes.... another thread about footed pjs Let me digress... So I got my weekly Newegg newsletter today and I was suprised to see baby diapers listed on the newsletter. Newegg mainly sells electronics and computer parts so seeing diapers was odd. So I decided to check out their marketplace which is kinda like amazon. I thought why not... and guess what I found? They actually have resellers that sell footed pjs
    Not only do they sell footed pjs but they also had some cool cartoonish pjs such as these: and Here's a link for one of the footed pjs

    Now that I found those i'm curious to see what else I can find on newegg I'm totally thinking about getting that pair of Mario pjs

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    Nice find. I'll have to do some checking if I ever need to order a pair of footy pjs, since Target has stopped carrying the XL size in the boys footy sleepers (or at least I can't find there around here.)

    If I need to get a pair sometime, I might consider getting a pair of these.

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    Mattew if you fit into the Target XL boys sleepers you will fit into the Land's End boys sleeper that has the 20 size

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