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Thread: Little Sister Help?

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    Default Little Sister Help?

    I don't know if this is the place to be looking for this kind of advice, and I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but I can use some advice. The other day when playing (we were playfully wrestling) with my 9 year-old sister, she found out I was wearing a diaper...she first wondered why I was wearing a diaper, then eventually she got curious...she wondered what it would be like to wear a diaper. Thats when she asked me if she can wear one...I wear Pampers (sometimes...mostly is adult baby diapers). So surely they would fit her. But should I let her wear one? What if she becomes a ABDL like me? Is she too young for that stuff? I'm also kinda worried shes gonna ask me to diaper her...I just might seem awkward...thats why I need Your guys' inputs. I really appreciate it.

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    Sounds awkward. I'd deny it and qualify that with you were only messing when/if you told her it was a diaper.

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    I thought of doing the same thing...I don't want her getting caught in diapers.

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    Very bad idea IMO. Don't involve/expose children to your fetish. What happened may have been accidental (if it really was, it would provide rationale for not wearing yourself around others such as kids) -- but willfully giving her diapers would not be accidental.
    Don't do it.
    Make an excuse for why you were in one and never wear around her or other kids again.

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    You're right....totally didn't think of that. I didn't think it was that big of a deal until now.

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    Well, as long as it's not sexual it can be a bonding thing if she wants to be diapered. Diaper changes is suppose to be able to open up a bond between people.

    My recommendation for you is: If it's weird, don't do it. But, keep in mind she is 9, she's curious, a lot of 9 year olds are curious, you'd rather her experiment at home then do something stupid somewhere else. I think you should let her try wearing but draw some ground rules with her first, such as 'don't wear when _____ so you don't get caught because _______ might think it's weird." Or 'don't expect me to give you free diapers, if you want to indulge in this use your allowance' or things like that.

    Look at it this way: If she does like to wear diapers and you suppress it now, later in life she might feel like she is weird for liking it, alternatively it might just be a phase, or it's even just genuine curiosity that would go away after about an hour. Ultimately its up to you but I don't think you should completely write it off as a no.

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    I'm with Addy... I don't think it's something that should be completely forbidden. She may just be curious, which there is nothing wrong with that. And what if she does end up liking diapers later in life? Don't totally say no, just the suggestions Addy gives above me here are very good ones.

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    I'd be cautious with this. The first thing that comes to mind is that kids generally can't/don't keep their mouths shut. You'd be foolish to belielve that she'd never tell her "secret" to any of her girlfriends in school. (and then the secret slowly travels along the grapevine) Second, based on *multiple* reports here, disgruntled ex'es like to sling that sort of mud around. Everyone has the same story, someone they trusted would NEVER use that against them, did. Keep that in mind, because you may find this being used as leverage against you in the future. Catch her smoking at 15 and threaten to tell mom, oh no you don't, or ELSE. Very few personal relationships remain unchanged with time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AddyShadows View Post
    Well, as long as it's not sexual it can be a bonding thing if she wants to be diapered. Diaper changes is suppose to be able to open up a bond between people.
    There's no way in hell I could recommend an adult male (I checked his profile, he's male) diaper his younger sister for a non-necessary reason. If that got out to their parents or another adult, their reaction is not going to be good, and I can understand why.

    As for the OP, I'm personally against giving your little sister any diapers. While I realize your intentions are probably good by letting her try one, it's just not appropriate to get a child involved in your fetish. Plus, while diapers are harmless, it's not really behavior that should be encouraged in kids because of the complications that can arise, for example, family and friends finding out.

    What did you tell her when she asked why you were wearing one? Did she act as if she's going to tell others?

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    But should I let her wear one? You may want to be careful for that one. See what could happen, she might feel either boredom and get rid of it too easily and dispose of it (Possibly getting caught and getting yelled at by your mom for you and your sister about this), maybe explode of happiness and tell everyone thus hurting your sister's feelings (Bullying) If you really want to try this, then explain the stuff and go over this with your sister before experimenting with her on this.

    1. Please keep this in remains right now. No one needs to know except for us.
    2. Don't wear these to school.
    3. Keep clothed at all times.

    "Any more questions?"

    What if she becomes a ABDL like me? I doubt that. At such a young age, she would not know this AB/DL stuff that early at least. If she says she is curious, they mean they want to experiment the things you do. That age, they (about maybe 85%) probably get bored of them within a week and shove off to something else. Kids love to keep themselves active so if they get bored with something, "let's move on to something else! Yay!" Although, if she keeps to continue with this, she will have a 15% chance to turn a DL in the matter.

    Is she too young for that stuff? No? No matter what age you are, anyone can wear a diaper. Whether your AB, IC, etc no matter size, age, a diaper is a diaper. It is there for a purpose. She might be too immature for them but what would she exactly do to them? What would you think? (If you absolutely want to go with this ask her about it)

    I'm also kinda worried shes gonna ask me to diaper her. That's the trick, nobody knows yet because nothing has been done. You don't want to jump to conclusions just yet if you plan on doing this or not. Like I said, proceed with caution and remain on stand-by for this question/statement.

    So in conclusion, proceed with caution or don't do it at all. That's probably the best thing is to say "NO" and keep it to yourself. If she tends to tattle about it, I would hide your stash somewhere where your mom will not know. I don't know your sister but she could be a fussy kind "I wanna! I wanna! I wanna!" that's your stuck point.

    To get out of that, you need to reason with your sister and understand to her why you don't recommend this to her. If all else fails, just hide them and pretend you don't know what your talking about, your mom will raise an eyebrow when your sister starts to pull some stunts on you.

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