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Thread: Are goodnites any good?

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    Default Are goodnites any good?

    I found out I can fit into L/XL goodnites. They're a lot cheaper than what I've been wearing. I can get 22 goodnites for about the price of 12 of what I've been wearing. So I was wondering if they were any good as far as absorption goes.

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    How about this: If you want to try them, do! I mean, if they're a lot cheaper than what you've been using, it shouldn't be a big deal to buy one small package. Opinions on these things vary a lot, so where it's cheap and easy to be your own judge, it's probably worth it.

    Now to *my* opinion: It's important to note that many pull-ups, GoodNites included, are not general-purpose diapers. They're for wetting only. GoodNites are very narrow in the crotch, a reflection of their intended use as well as their not being intended for post-pubescent males. For me, GoodNites and UnderJams simply require too much caution when wetting to be enjoyable, as my anatomy just isn't adequately contained.

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    You can't really flood them, but other than that they can last a while with the right approach.

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