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    I miss my daddy (my ab daddy). Last night i had a rough night sleep cause i miss him that much. I looked out to the stars and wished i could have his cuddles again. If you read this daddy i miss you. Please come see when i go home. :"(

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    Sorry to hear Allybear. I'm not sure what your situation is - but I always feel lost and lonely if I don't see my GF/AB Mommy for a few days. We all like a bedtime routine - ABDL or not - and it's hard when the person you want to be there isn't. Hope you get to see your daddy soon (if that's possible), and in the meantime, I'm sending big hugs your way.

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    Thanks SirNaps. Daddy and i have cuddles and watch movies before bed then have cuddles in bed then sleep. I feel so lost without my daddy. Hes been my daddy for awhile now. Huge hugs back.

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    I want my daddy to put a diaper on me and put my pinky into my mouth and send me to sleep. I want to hear him sing me to sleep. So daddy if you are reading this come home soon please cause your little girl misses you so much.

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