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    What do you all use for occasional diaper rash? My favorite is mallaluca gel, but I'm waiting for it to be delivered in the mail. In the meantime I am using bag balm

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    I just use Desitin. I've never had a severe case of diaper rash but what I have had goes away in a day or two.

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    Never have had diaper rash, but I have had the occasional run-in with jock itch and ringworm. The first time this happened, I tried Desitin and a couple of other diaper rash remedies, to no avail. After nearly a week of pain, I went to the doctor and was told to buy Lotrimin AF or equivalent. I was pain- and itch-free in less than a day, and all signs were gone a couple of days later.

    If you have what seems to be a very persistent rash, or one that appears as red circles, be ready to accept that it's likely not mere "diaper rash," but something a bit more sinister. The right treatment can be almost magical.

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    I've never had diaper rash, but I've had other rashes before. Desitin is the only thing that I've use that has relieved the discomfort for me, & helped heal it.

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    before I got into diapers, I had a pretty severe rash at one point and got a prescription for 2.5% hydrocortisone. That stuff works wonders, and even the over the counter 1% creams will relieve itching.

    Since wearing diapers, ironically, I've had almost no problems. At one point I had a bit of redness, but I took 3 days off wearing to let it air out and avoid further irritation and it went away.

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    I do remember one time when I was a child long past potty training I was taking a bath in a tub in the kitchen and my sister told my mom I had diaper rash because it was red down there. I denied it even though it was true. I do not remember how I got it exactly since I had no disperse then. Now if it gets red it is covered up by adult stuff so not a problem. I would use Desitin if I thought I were needing something though.

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    Glad I'm not the only one, I tend to have more rashes when I wear underwear than if I wear diapers. Maybe its because I sweat a lot and diapers are good at absorbing the extra moisture. When I have had rash problems, the higher zinc oxide content desitin or equate diaper rash cream helped a lot. Also the anti-monkey butt cream or baby powder is pretty good too (it has chamomile amongst other things), just a little pricey. Johnson and johnson also has a zinc oxide based baby powder that is pretty good too.

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    My mom bought Desatin for me when I was little, so when I got some sort of "down there" rash (I don't think it was actually from diapers. IDR what caused it) I tried Desatin again. Still works like a charm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldridge99 View Post
    I just use Desitin. I've never had a severe case of diaper rash but what I have had goes away in a day or two.
    I also use DESITIN and/or BALMEX diaper rash ointment.

    With my having Cerebral Palsy, I am mostly on my back during naps and through the night and the buttocks fold is were I get diaper rash the most, because during sleep, except for leg spasms, I am pretty immobile throughout sleep.

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    The best thing I've found to prevent/cure diaper rash is...

    lansinoh lanolin

    It's hard to apply, but usually one coat last even through a shower...

    Heat it under hot water to apply easier....

    It's sticky, and very very hard to wash off...and very very waterproof...

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